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The US Respects Religious Holidays – Parts of the World Don’t Reciprocate

Seton Motley | Less Government |
If Only….

The United States goes out of its way – in as many ways as possible – to respect all the religions of the world.

In ways large and small, our government hails, praises…and defers to…the planet’s many faiths.

To be clear: Not only do I not have any problem at all with this – I find it to be quite nice.

I love the fact our nation and its government were founded upon acknowledgement of  – and appreciation for – the transcendent.

Our government officials regularly noting many religious holidays and special occasions – is eminently in keeping with our traditions.  And I find it to be really quite nice. (more…)

Seton Motley | Less Government |

Texas’ Excuses for Cronyism Are Just as Lame As Everyone Else’s

We’ve been on the government cronyism beat for…a while. Because cronyism – is inherent in government.  Government officials spend money – and they will oft look to do so to benefit the people who get them elected. It is why we less government types – want less government.  Less government spending – less opportunities for […]

Seton Motley | Less Government |

US Farmers Are Food Manufacturers – and We Need Policies that Keep Them Here

As we have very often pointed out, the US spent the last half century-plus very stupidly outsourcing our prosperity to the rest of the planet. This has been devastating to the middle class.  A vital, once-thriving driver of our once very successful nation – we have spent decades thinning this essential herd to near extinction. […]