Pro-Net Neutrality Big Tech – Is with Conservatives as Anti-Neutrality as You Can Get

Seton Motley | Less Government |
A Little Constitutional Consistency –
Isn’t Too Much to Ask (Is It?)

Network Neutrality is absolutely awful policy.  It is a huge government imposition on the entirety of the Internet.  It has zero business being even considered – by any nation laying even the remotest claim to being a free market economy.

Net Neutrality is a ginormous Fourth Amendment violation.  Private Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have spent more than $1 trillion building their Web networks.  Net Neutrality mandates nigh limitless government access to – and control of – those networks.  Net Neutrality is no Probable Cause, no Warrants – just one humongous, all-encompassing, infinite Unreasonable Search and Seizure.

Net Neutrality is a ginormous First Amendment violation.  Private ISPs can assemble – or not assemble – their private networks…any way they wish.  Completely free from government interference or imposition.  And in those privately assembled spaces – speak any way they wish.  Completely free from government interference or imposition.  Net Neutrality dumps all over all of this.

You don’t hear too many anti-Net Neutrality, free market, defenders-of-Reality people – make these particular Constitutional cases.  I believe this has been a giant mistake.  Constitutional rights should always be expressly defended – whenever they are under attack. (more…)

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