Localities Shouldn’t Be Dictating (Inter-)National Policy

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California Does Not Have Jurisdiction Over This

Federalism is too infrequently mentioned. And when it does come up – it is woefully misrepresented and abused.

Let’s check with our old friend Merriam Webster:

“The distribution of power in an organization (such as a government) between a central authority and the constituent units.”

Our Constitution is fully imbued with decentralized federalism.

The Founding Fathers – were brilliant. Not only in limiting for what the “central authority” is responsible – but in rightly assigning the policies for which it is. (more…)

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Qatar Using Italy to Abuse US: Government Money Warps Everything Everywhere

One hundred-plus countries engage each year in tens of trillions of dollars worth of global trade. Far too many nations engage in all sorts of anti-free trade actions – so as to warp the markets to their advantage. And when caught, far too many nations don’t stop their anti-free trade actions – they look for […]

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A ‘Drain the Swamp’ Test: Will the Trump Admin Reward Amazon’s Killer Cronyism?

An ironic thing about government cronyism.  Only the hugest companies – who need the government help the least – can afford to bribe and buy it. (This is NOT a call for Little Guy cronyism.  We’d like everyone treated equally by the government and the law – per the Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment.) Monster company Amazon […]

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We Are Surrounded by Intellectual Property – Until We Aren’t

Tom Cruise has made more than a little bit of money as an actor. For which Cruise has to thank genetics, astronomical-odds-beating luck – and rigidly protective copyright laws. These Intellectual Property (IP) statutes protect the movies in which Cruise appears.  Thereby ensuring said flicks are (mostly) commercially available in formats on which he and […]