‘America Is Awful’: The Left Wants More Government – Because It’s What’s Worst for US

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The Transformation Is Well Underway

The average American understandably thinks political and policy debates are conducted – in the interest of America’s best interest.

“Surely everyone involved in government wants what’s best for the country.  They just disagree on what policies will get us there.”

Most unfortunately, this isn’t the case – for the Left.

Leftists – do not like America very much.  At all.  So they seek to tear it down and destroy it – in the name of “fixing” it.  We must burn down the village – in order to save it.

The Left’s last president, Barack Obama, spent two decades attending the services of Reverand Jeremiah Wright.  Obama referred to Wright as his “spiritual advisor” and “mentor.” Obama had Wright marry him and Michelle.  Obama had Wright baptize his two daughters.  Obama’s second autobiography’s title – The Audacity of Hope – is taken from a Wright sermon.

Wright?  Not a fan of America. (more…)

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