Apple Appears to Have Gone Full-On, Stealing-and-Lying, Communist China Native

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Full-On Borg Assimilation

The Big Lie everyone told each other in the early 1970s – was that opening trade with Communist China would lead to their government and society becoming more open and free.

Big Business wanted to avail themselves of the cost-cutting slave labor the ChiComms were offering.

Screw the tens of millions of American employees they were leaving in the lurch.

And screw the millions of American small businesses who can’t afford to relocate to the other side of the planet – who then have to compete against slave-labor-subsidized Big Business.

Big Government liked the Big Donations Big Business was giving them to write really awful, anti-America “free trade” deals.

That dramatically favored Big Businesses that left America to establish themselves in the Chinese Sleeping Dragon – which we were then very stupidly beginning to awaken.

At the expense of American employees – and American companies…that remained American. (more…)

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Government Schools: Intentionally, We Don’t Understand Math or English

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DC Democrats Won’t Let Anything Be Anything But Partisan Anymore

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