Can’t the Feds Find, Like, Four Trillion Other Places to Cut First?

The federal government spends per annum – nearly four TRILLION dollars. Numerically, that’s: $4,000,000,000,000. The entire United States economy – the output of every single man, woman and child in the 300+ million U.S. population – is $18 trillion. That means a federal government that is allegedly, severely proscribed by our Constitution – spends more […]

Democrats Now Want to Preemptively Punish Climate Change Pre-Crimes

In the Tom Cruise-starring science-fiction-future-flick “Minority Report”: “A special police unit is able to arrest murderers before they commit their crimes.” These were called “Pre-Crimes.” Objection, Your Honor: Assuming facts not yet in evidence. But Democrats aren’t letting that stop them. Donkeys and Hollywood have for decades been hyper-intertwined. And the Donkeys are now taking […]

For Which Party Should Farmers and Rural Voters Vote?

Tom Vilsack is a rurally focused individual. The Democrat is a former Iowa governor – who is currently the only Department of Agriculture Secretary President Barack Obama has had. Vilsack is, of course, a partisan politician. He was a dark horse on the short list to be presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick. He […]

You First Need Government’s Permission to Repair Your Flood Ravaged Home

And many, many other ways government is stupid, imperious, and an impediment to progress and the marketplace. Here’s hoping the poor flood victims of Louisiana – aren’t subjected to the governmental inanity being inflicted upon the poor flood victims of South Bend, Indiana: “Today, the City of South Bend is reminding residents of South Bend […]

Hillary Clinton’s Terrible Government Broadband Plan

I’ve never liked the term “public xxx” – when used for things like “public schools” or “National Public Radio (NPR).” Because it’s not “public” – it’s government. Which means government takes money from productive private enterprises – and funds anti-productive government ones. With all the attending awfulness you expect. The laxness, the arrogance – the […]

When Another Executive Branch Agency Says You’re Overreaching – You’re Overreaching

The Executive Branch of our federal government – is huge. Made up of many, many agencies, departments, commissions and boards. The Barack Obama Administration has, these last nigh eight years, put its many Leviathan arms to work expanding ever further the government’s reach. The Constitution established three co-equal branches of government. A separation and balance […]

Let’s Not Pass the ‘CREATES Lawsuits-Undermines Patents’ Act

We’ve written extensively about the bipartisan, awful, awfully mis-named Innovation and PATENT Acts. Bills which would undermine the ability of patent holders to protect their property from thieves. By making it exponentially more difficult for them to do the one thing they can to stop the thieves – sue them. Which is awful for patent […]

ObamaCare and Net Neutrality Are Doing Exactly the Damage Their Opponents Predicted

ObamaCare and Network Neutrality are really dumb policy. For many, many reasons. Like with all huge new government power grabs, there are a few very predictable post-grab outcomes. Let’s look at a few through the prisms of relatively new grab Net Neutrality – and ObamaCare, a more vintage grab thus doing even more predicted damage. […]