An Obama Halloween Power Grab: Tricks For Us, Treats for Cronies

Today is Halloween 2016. Which means the Barack Obama Administration is running out of time to issue government power grab payouts to the cronies that ensconced them in office. Which brings us to last Thursday at the administration’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The ridiculous FCC jammed through a ridiculous power grab – on which just […]

Presidential Also-Ran Al Gore: Yet Another Non-Scientist Lecturing Us About Science

And the dimmest shall lead us…. Anyone notice that the lead snake oil salesmen for global warming climate change – The Greatest Scam on Earth – aren’t scientists? And as the evidence against The Big Lie continues to roll in and pile up – the pro-Lie scientists recede further into the background? Further ceding the […]

Elon Musk: The $5-Billion-Government-Money-Recipient ‘Genius’

Conventional wisdom is that Elon Musk is a genius. That he’s an avant-garde innovator – taking entrepreneurial risks way out on the edge. Here is but a sample of the paean news coverage – media members genuflecting so much that their pants are now baggy. Elon Musk’s Genius: Understanding The Cost Of A Screw And […]

Today’s FCC: Sex, Porn and Power Grabs

Yes, you read that correctly. The hypocrisies and the broader metaphors are opulent. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an outmoded, outdated federal agency. Like many, many of its cohorts – it has long outlived its usefulness. It no longer has any unique reason for its continued existence – nothing that couldn’t be handed off […]

Our Private Sector Medical System is Suffering Myriad Government Assaults…

…Republican Chairman Fred Upton should preempt one of them. Ain’t government medicine great? Of course, it ain’t. Obamacare…is an unmitigated disaster. Insurance premiums have exploded. On average, 41% in 2014. Another 24% in 2015. Couldn’t find specific, general numbers in 2016 – but they were again double digit increases. And 2017 is looking another 30%+ […]

The Al Sharpton of Power Companies Set to Get a New York State Bailout

The Reverend Al Sharpton is famous. What he should be is notorious. He has many, many life lowlights. The one that pertains to our conversation here is the 2014 New York Times report that he was at that time $4.5 million short on his federal and New York state taxes. That’s a lot. And it […]

New York’s Chief Partisan Persecutor: Democrat Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

If you want justice, equal protection before the law and prosecutorial humility – New York Democrat Attorney General Eric Schneiderman ain’t your guy. If you want partisan, selective persecution and ideological witch hunts – you can not do any better than AG Schneiderman. The Clinton Foundation is located on Avenue of the Americas in New […]

Government Ignores Human Nature – and Warps the World with its Ignorance

Socialism doesn’t work because it tries to root out human nature. Capitalism works because it harnesses it. We are capitalists, conservatives and federalists in part because we acknowledge and understand human nature. Its possibilities – and its limitations. They are Socialists because they are Utopian fantasists. They think they can remake humanity and the planet […]

Facebook Looks to Cronyism Its Way Out of Its Cronyism

Okay, admittedly, this is just a little bit driven by schadenfreude: “A feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people.” In which I do not ordinarily engage – unless the trouble someone is suffering is a result of their own actions. We should have zero sympathy for self-inflicted […]