‘Repeal and Replace’: It’s for Much More Than Just Awful Obamacare

“Repeal and Replace” is currently all the rage in Washington, D.C.  As well it should be.  As the newly ensconced Republican trinity (President, Senate and House) work to excavate We the People from the awfulness that is Obamacare. But there is a whole lot more government awfulness than just Obamacare.  And there is a whole […]

Trump Promised to Get Tough on China’s ‘Massive’ Intellectual Property Theft…

Despite what you have heard from the Left and the media (please pardon the redundancy), now-President-elect Donald Trump ran on a full panoply of ideas and policy positions.  His campaign website contained detailed plans on, amongst other things, immigration, tax and regulatory reform – and a new way to approach international trade. (Trump just didn’t […]

The Media Mulls Obama’s ‘Legacy’ – And the Trump Mandate to Undo It

The Left and the Media (please pardon the redundancy) are obsessed – OBSESSED – with outgoing President Barack Obama’s “legacy.”  Not quite as obsessed as Obama his own self – but much closer than any impartial observer would consider…healthy. Of course, this happens at the end of every presidency.  But rarely – if ever – […]

The Elon Musk Myth Looks to Contaminate Texas

The Myth of Elon Musk is that of daring entrepreneur.  An avant garde, cutting edge businessman who sees a little bit further around the curve of the Earth – to get a glimpse of the Next Big Thing before the rest of us are able see it. The Reality of Elon Musk is that of […]

The EPA Finally Has Something Legitimate It Could Do – So of Course It’s Not Doing It

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is notorious for serially, consistently doing things the laws as written do not allow it to do.  Meanwhile, its bureaucrats are so unlawfully distracted –  they miss a mess they are actually supposed to address. Is the EPA constantly doing things it’s not supposed to do?  Absolutely. Supreme Court: EPA […]

Trump Knows, Media Don’t: One-Sided ‘Free Trade’ – Isn’t Free Trade

The media (and the entire media-Left-NeverTrump contingent) remain steadfast in their opposition to now-President-elect Donald Trump.  In their attempts to deny him first the office and now legitimacy therein, they have come up with all sorts of shorthand descriptives that are either vague or outright disingenuous. One of the most annoying of these – is […]

2017: Trump’s Reality Revolution Won – Now It Must be Implemented

Washington, D.C. has been – for decades, in bipartisan fashion – a swallowing void of anti-Reality.  The federal government has at best terribly mishandled, at worst utterly destroyed everything in which it insists on involving itself. Despite this record of nigh perfect imperfection – the list of things in which the federal government insists on […]