Left and Right United Against Cronyism – Save for a Few Wobbly Republicans

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist made an excellent recommendation as to how best to oppose the old school crony government pork known as “earmarks” – which was district-specific spending, benefiting that district’s Congressman. Getting riled up at that Congressman was a waste of time. He was the vote-buying beneficiary of the government money. […]

The Power to (Over)Tax – Is the Power to Destroy

The late Supreme Court Chief Justice (amongst many other impressive gigs) John Marshall rightly noted “The power to tax – is the power to destroy.” The power to OverTax, of course – will destroy even more. We have in our nation established a very anti-human nature approach to government. We punish things of which we […]

Worse Than Domestic Obama Cronyism? Exporting It Globally

We just narrowly escaped the cronyism-infested eight years of the Barack Obama Administration. If you were a Leftist – the $4-trillion-per-year-government world was your oyster. The biggest bureaucratic favors of your wildest imaginings – were only a campaign contribution away. Cronyism is one of the largest, slimiest critters in the Swamp against which now-President Donald […]

The Left: Shoveling Much Manure, Desperately Seeking Ponies

There’s an old joke. About a little boy standing in the entrance of a huge barn – clearly filled to the rafters with manure. The boy has a shovel in hand – and loudly proclaims “There has to be a pony in here somewhere.” The Left – is this little boy. And their little boy […]

Fake Democracy, Real Power Grabs: The Bureaucracy ‘Comment Periods’

The Left doesn’t like acquiescing to the will of We the People. They like – to degree that they can pull it off – to PRETEND to acquiesce to the will of We the People. The Left’s agenda has never really resonated with us. So they’ve looked for as many ways as possible to circumvent […]

Obama Cronies Discover Having Too-Much-Government Apply to Them – Is Awful

We less government types want less government – for no shortage of reasons. To name but a few: Of course the Constitution mandates it. In no small part because government is awful at everything it does – so you want it doing as little as possible. And the more government does – the more susceptible […]

Government Cronyism – Looking to Stop the Power of Technology and the Free Market

The big government cronyism racket – is absurd. It is a disjointed, discombobulated mess of ridiculous ideas and assertions – put forward in steadfast defiance of the fundamentals of the free market and human nature. Government intervention in the private sector is nigh always stupid and anti-productive. Private companies usually don’t go begging for government […]

Free Market Energy Vs The Big Government Cronyism and Subsidies Merry-Go-Round

How we power our nation should be, like everything else, as free market as possible. May the most effective, cheapest energy sources win. No government intervention or imposition. That means no subsidies or regulations playing favorites – picking losers at the expense of winners and warping and distorting how we choose. Because market forces lead […]