America First – Also Means Acting When Our Businesses Get Screwed Overseas

Before he was Politician Donald Trump – he was Businessman-TV Star Donald Trump. All along the way (check out this “Oprah” hit from all the way back in 1988), Trump championed a Reality-based approach to actually free, fair trade. On which he eventually campaigned – as he ran for his new entry-level political position. Trump’s […]

Apple’s Whiplash-Inducing Hypocrisy on Patents

iEverything tiny little company Apple (market cap: $820 billion) is in the midst of executing a unilateral war against Qualcomm. Apple Sues Qualcomm Over Patent Royalties: “Apple also wants back some of the billions of dollars it claims it was overcharged in ‘Qualcomm’s illegal scheme’ to control the market for mobile phone chips.” No, what […]

Revolutionary Vote Security – If Government Will Allow

Remember the overtime-session, hanging chad, 2000 George W. Bush v Al Gore presidential election? Where it all came down to Florida – and Gore unsuccessfully sued to overturn the Sunshine State’s certification of Bush as its winner? I remember. I was working on the Bush side of the ledger – in Austin, Texas. Part of […]

Google’s Ideological Diversity: Making Colleges and Robert Mueller Look Good

Anyone both remotely in touch with Reality and honest – knows and acknowledges that the vast majority of our nation’s colleges and universities are ultra-Leftist academic swamps. In dire need of just the sort of draining Washington, D.C. so richly deserves. 96% of Political Donations from Ivy League Faculty & Staff Went for Obama Liberal […]

California Cancer: Best to Excise or Contain Bad Government

The state of California is a sunny, balmy – deathtrap nightmare mess. Decades of Leftist government have eviscerated the state. California’s Whale Of A Tale In Bad Government California’s $400 Billion Debt Worries Analysts 55 Reasons Why California Is The Worst State In America California Wins ‘Worst State for Business’ for 11th Year Calexit Activist […]

We Are Finally Moving Towards Actually Free Global Trade

I am a retired musician. I play three instruments – but I sang, is what I mainly did. My first band in high school was big into three-part vocal harmonies. We covered a bunch of songs – and wrote a few – that featured this rousing sound. One thing you immediately learn (if you didn’t […]

Silicon Valley Robber Barons Are Using Government As a Weapon Against Us

In the Left’s usually skewed view of America’s past, they reserve a special place in historical Hell for the late-19th-Century-early-20th-Century entrepreneurial giants who helped revolutionize our economy and nation. These were the likes of Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan, Andrew Mellon and John D. Rockefeller.   The Industrialists the anti-free-market Left dubbed “Robber Barons” – simply […]