The Media-Left’s Warped, Hypocritical, Political Definition of ‘Monopoly’

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Ploy Story

As DC-based nationally syndicated radio host Chris Plante rightly notes: “Were it not for double standards – the Left would have no standards at all.”

To wit: How the Media-Left (please pardon the redundancy) criminally abuses the definition of “monopoly.” Or, conversely, cares not a whit about and in fact defends a monopoly. All depending upon whether or not the company in question is or is not a political ally.

The Tech Sector is rife with such Leftist double standards. The nation’s cable and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – are pro-Reality-and-thus-anti-Net-Neutrality – so the Media-Left loathes them.

And as a demonstration of the Left’s loathing – they constantly whine about imaginary monopoly power cable and the ISPs don’t actually possess. (more…)

Importing Big Government Is Even Dumber than Domestic Big Government

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Importing Domestic Unemployment

We oppose Big Government – because it’s dumb. It’s expensive, oafishly clumsy – and awful with resource and impulse control.

Government is just another organism. And just like any other organism – its first instinct is self-preservation.

Which is why you see these very many Deep State Borg Bots attacking President Donald Trump in any and every way they can. Trump is serious about shrinking government – and Big Government is attacking back.

Governments love joining together to form new governments – removing themselves even further from accountability to the people they allegedly represent.

The United Nations (UN) is just such a governmental superstructure. So too is the European Union (EU). How accountable to…anyone or anything do those two entities look?

Heck, Britain voted to get out of the EU…in 2016. #Brexit for the win. And British government officials have spent the last two years…doing everything they can to prevent Britain from getting out of the EU. (more…)

Dumb Ideas Never Die – Because Democrats Keep Proposing Them

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AKA California. And Baltimore. And Detroit. And Venezuela. And North Korea. And…

It’s a merry-go-round of Stupid.

Those of us in touch with Reality have to keep fending off the same dumb ideas – over and over and over again.

Because Leftists remain steadfastly impervious to facts. And possess the collective memory duration of your average “green” toilet flush – you know, the flash flush you have to repeat five or six times to accomplish the basic task.

Which means our first response to their yet again proposing the same stupidity – is usually “Don’t you remember when you tried this the last time?”

Nigh all of their proposals fit rather well under their blanket demand of collectivism – centralization in and under government. Call it what you will – Communism, Socialism, Fascism, whatever. Central planning and execution – for…everything.

The Left seems to have forgotten…we spent the entirety of the Twentieth Century trying this. Collectivism has murdered a hundred million people – and consigned hundreds of millions more to Hell on Earth. (more…)

The Trump Administration Shouldn’t Emulate the Obama Administration’s Crony Energy Style

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Let’s Finally End This Cycle, Shall We?

We here at Less Government acknowledge and appreciate Reality.

And we are unfortunately forced to spend a lot of time positively asserting Reality – because so many people steadfastly refuse to accept it.

One of these Reality facets – is that “green energy”…is neither green nor energy. It is fake energy – and fake friendly to the environment.

Solar, wind and the like are awful returns on your energy investment dollar. On their own – and even more so when compared to real energy sources like coal and oil.

And fake energy sources – claiming to be “green” – are absolutely awful for the environment.

Spent solar panels – must be handled as if they are nuclear waste. Wind turbines – also must be made of toxic materials. And wind turbine farms – are giant bird blenders. They mow down hundreds of thousands of fowl per annum. (more…)

NY AG Schneiderman: The Left Loses an Anti-Energy Elected Official; the Awfulness Continues

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That’s a Strange Way to Apply Eye Liner

Many of us are now aware of the mascara-wearing, woman-abusing, recently-ex-Attorney General of New York – Eric Schneiderman.

N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Appoints Special Prosecutor to Investigate Schneiderman

We can be quite sure Cuomo’s surely-sham investigator – won’t be investigating this:

Why New York Attorneys General Are Such Power-Mad Freaks: “The fact that two of the last three men who served as New York attorney general were ousted from public life for sexual misbehavior clearly will overshadow a much bigger problem: The job is structured to attract the worst pols by granting them immense prosecutorial power to crush targets and feed their ambition.”

Schneiderman put this massive abuse-of-power to really bad use. Schneiderman is a Leftist. And Leftists don’t like capitalism generally – or the energy that fuels it specifically. (more…)

Rapper Kanye West and Pro Wrestler Kane – We’ll Take Wisdom Wherever It Turns Up

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We’ll Take Whatever We Can Get

As the late, inordinately great Andrew Breitbart wisely noted: “Politics is downstream from culture.”

Our politics is so awful, awfully Leftist – in no small part because our culture is so awful, awfully Leftist.

Our media of all sorts – news, Hollywood, music, literature – is corrupt nigh to the core. And that rot – pollutes the waterways all the way down to our politics.

So ANY cultural glimmer of sanity and reason to pierce the dark veil – should be warmly welcomed.

Rapper Kanye West is currently offering one such glimmer. West is thankfully in the midst of melting down a decent portion of the Democrats’ horde-enforced lockdown on black people and their votes. (more…)

May 9th’s Internet Communism Push: Left’s Net Neutrality ‘Red Alert’ Infests Capitol Hill

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Ho Ho Ho…No No No

Red is, of course, the worldwide color of Communism.

Communism is, of course, the incessantly failed governmental, societal and cultural system – that has thus far murdered more than 100 million people.

Oh: And after Adolf Hitler left the Communist Party and took over the Nazi (National Socialist) Party, he chose a red logo background – to serve as an invitation to the fellow-huge-government Communists he left behind.

Oh: And please do not let anyone con anyone that Socialism and Communism are fundamentally different. The former is an evolutionary stage – on the way to the inevitable latter. Communism – is Socialism…with a boot stamping on a human face.

And the Communist boot stamping on a human face is nigh always necessary – because the people subjected to Socialism very quickly realize…Socialism is terrible. So to keep the rabble in check – the boots must be emplaced upon faces. (more…)

Marco Rubio: Perhaps the Least Helpful Republican

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We’re Parched for Conservatism

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio was once the next, newest Conservative Golden Boy…for about three seconds.

In the midst of the 2010 Tea Party-fueled revolution election, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell was desperately trying to fend off conservative insurgent candidates. Who were looking to represent the GOP base – who have the audacity to expect the DC GOP to actually do the less government things upon which they always campaign.

Then-State House Speaker Rubio declared early for the Florida Senate seat. And after having been a state-level leading advocate for illegal alien amnesty – promised conservative and Tea Party leaders he had experienced an awakening. And that he was now on the side of the law-and-order angels on immigration policy. (more…)

Amazon Traffic Hijacked – or Why You Don’t Give Anyone a Monopoly Government Contract

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We have been doing much to call attention to the looming prospect of the United States Defense Department (DoD) handing online retail giant Amazon a ten-year, $10 billion (and likely more) monopoly contract to provide all of its cloud storage.

This is a horrendous idea – for a whole host of reasons.

Let us begin with the cronyism.

The government departments that do the contractor choosing – were created by the Barack Obama Administration. So it is chock full of uber-Left Silicon Valley cronies. Always on the lookout for opportunities to reward with massive government money campaign contributors like…Jeff Bezos – owner of Amazon. (Oh – and of “news”paper The Washington Post.)

Included in this gaggle of Leftist tech bureaucrats – is a bunch of ex-Amazon employees. And these people write the the specifications a cloud storage company must meet to get the massive government coin. And Amazon – and only Amazon – met the specifications. What a galloping shocker that is. (more…)

Nothing Says ‘Small Business’ – Like Big Government Handing Big Business Big Crony Policy

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You Really Can Not

Ronald Wilson Reagan was our heroic, adored, uber-accomplished Fortieth President of these United States.

Reagan understood implicitly things most allegedly intelligent people – charged with solving public policy problems – spend lifetimes getting woefully incorrect.

Reagan then brilliantly distilled them into exquisite sentences that cut through the manure – and made their inherent wisdom mass-understandable.

But one example of Reagan’s genius: “You can’t be for big government, big taxes, and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy.” (more…)