Open Letter to Congress – On the Attempt to Create a Government Music Royalty Non-Profits

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Let the Private Sector Do the Divvying

To the Members of Congress – House and Senate,

Bizarrely, the federal government has set music royalty payment rates for decades.  What songwriters get paid – is determined by…you guys and gals.  Rather than by private negotiations between the private parties involved.  There exists the government middle man.

You are currently considering the Music Modernization Act (MMA).  Having unanimously passed the House of Representatives – it now sits in the Senate.

While it does some good in lessening government’s role in the royalty process – there is one massive government expansion.  Which the Senate should strip from the bill – and the House should sign on to said stripping in legislative reconciliation.

That government expansion – is in the area of how music data is collected and curated: (more…)

Net Neutrality Lie Reminder: Netflix Fakes Service Slowdowns – and Blames ISPs

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Indeed It Is

I was contacted a lot last week – asking for my response to this:

Netflix Went Down for Users Across the World in Mysterious Major Outage, Following Net Neutrality Repeal

Well that’s an amazing coincidence.

Just last Monday was the day the Donald Trump Administration officially ended the Barack Obama Administration’s huge Internet power grab – executed under the rubric of the very awful idea known as Network Neutrality.

(For a primer on why Net Neutrality in any form is so stupid and awful, please enjoy this video.) (more…)

Comey and Mueller Should Be Incarcerated – Not Emulated

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Yes, Please – and Then Some

Yesterday the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s Inspector General (IG) released his nearly-600 page report – analyzing the ridiculously unprofessional and Democrat-partisan behavior of the Barack Obama-James Comey-led Bureau during the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.

Despite the Deep State’s best efforts, we had managed to learn some of what was put together in said report.  But there was revealed therein a whole lot more ridiculous unprofessionalism and Democrat-partisanship.

In short, the Comey FBI was a hack arm of the Democrat National Committee.  It had nothing to do with actual, impartial law enforcement – you know, its actual gig.

The FBI’s lead agent – on both the Hillary Clinton illegal private email server and the Donald Trump-Russia investigations – was a clownish man by the name Peter Strozk. (more…)

The Renewable Fuel Standard Was Almost Made Less Dumb – Let’s Make Sure It Is

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It’s Time to Pop This Corn Program

I am a less government person.  I am a free market person.  The less government – the freer the market – the better.

I was born and raised in the DC area.  The federal government’s incalculably massive inanity – has been infused and imbued in my psyche since birth.  I understand the very many nuances of its $4-trillion-per-year stupidity – inherently, instinctively.

DC is antithetical to the free market.  And a government that spends 20% of our $20 trillion – ONE-FIFTH of every penny every man, man and child creates – is the antithesis of less government.

Sure, I’ll quote Barack Obama here: The arc of history…is loooong.

This government didn’t achieve this much massiveness – overnight.  When I was born, the government’s budget – was half what it is now (in then-dollars). (more…)

Our Nation’s Defense Is Too Important to Hire but One Cloud Storage Company

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How About We Spread This Wealth Around?

I am typing this on a laptop computer.  (I remain thus far un-sponsored – so no brand name mentions.)

As I write, I repeatedly save my work to the computer’s desktop – and to my cloud service backup.  (I remain thus far un-sponsored – so no brand name mentions.)

Why do I have two simultaneous backups constantly going?  Because I do not like re-doing things.

Should something go amiss with one copy – I have another copy at the ready.  The backup – has a backup.

Because I am not an idiot.

And this is just me putting quill to parchment regarding the news of the day.  Nothing I scrawl is of national security import – or carries a government classification.

So one would think when a government agency like the Department of Defense (DoD) looks to get into the cloud storage business – they would absolutely look to have multiple redundancies for the things they are looking to store. (more…)

Trump Rightly Demands End to All Trade Tariffs and Subsidies – of Everyone

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With Actual Free Trade – Where the US Will End Up

We have for many years pointed out how un-free DC’s “free trade” has been.

Now-President Donald Trump has done the same – for decades.

DC’s warped definition of “free trade” – has nigh every other nation on the planet imposing all sorts of tariffs and import limits on our stuff.

It has nigh every other nation subsidizing the daylight out of the products they bring to global market – which allows them to anti-competitively, artificially charge much less for their stuff than we charge for our stuff.

All the while – we have imposed comparatively tiny tariffs and comparatively generous import limits on anyone else’s stuff.  And we have subsidized the things we bring to global market – hardly at all. (more…)

Today’s Media-Leftist Lie: The Internet ‘As We Know It’…Is Over. Well, It ‘Could’ Be. Maybe

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A Network ‘News’ Anchor

Keeping track of all the very many Media-Leftist lies – requires a full-time staff of thousands of catalogers.

Dealing with all of the very many Media-Leftist lies – requires a full-time staff of thousands of excavators.

The Media-Left avalanche lies down upon us from on high in waves – hoping to bury Reality with the sheer tonnage of accumulated manure.

And of course, some lies receive more of their attention than others. Today’s featured lie fixates upon the Donald Trump Administration officially ending the Barack Obama Administration’s massive unilateral Internet power grab – executed under the rubric of the very awful Network Neutrality.

Lest we forget the Left’s point behind Net Neutrality:

“At the moment, the battle over network neutrality is not to completely eliminate the telephone and cable companies. We are not at that point yet. But the ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.” (more…)

The Solution (to Music Royalty Payments) is Less Government – Not More

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More Music, More Money – Less Government

Government damages and destroys everything it touches. Things afflicted with any sort of government – warp and wither. At the very least, they are hampered from better bettering their situations.

The federal government is a $4-trillion-a-year nightmare mess. The Barack Obama Administration spent eight years endlessly expanding government – time and again to our national detriment.

Obamacare made everything health insurance demonstrably worse. Dodd-Frank made everything banking demonstrably worse. Obama’s mass expansion of the regulatory state made…everything demonstrably worse.

Now-President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to roll back regulations and government of all sorts was so desired by the private sector – the stock market launched like a rocket the moment he won the election, and hasn’t looked back. (more…)

Intellectual Property: Everyone Loves Getting Paid for It – Everyone Hates Paying for It

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Less Theft and Lawsuits, Please

Let us check in with Merriam-Webster:

“Hypocrisy: feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel.”

And now

“Hypocrisy: a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.”

Let us now – through the hypocrisy prism – examine Tech World. (more…)

Silicon Valley Moguls: Google Lists ‘Nazism’ as GOP Belief – Doesn’t Pull ISIS Accounts

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The Silicon Valley Blacklist

Nationally syndicated radio host Chris Plante has a lock-down, gold-standard observation of the Left:

“If it weren’t for double standards – the Left would have no standards at all.”

It was of this truism that I thought – as I watched unfold a couple of recent Silicon Valley Mogul stories. You know the Silicon Valley Moguls – Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The first story was the Facebook-Columbia Analytica mess. In which many, many more Americans became aware of Facebook’s MASSIVE data collection – and its oft sloppiness when selling access to it.

And the second was the European Union (EU)’s new, much-more-tightly-restrictive privacy laws imposed upon all of the Silicon Valley Moguls. (more…)