The Obamacare Health Insurance Tax: End it – Don’t Again Extend It

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Over and Over and Over and…

Ex-President Bill Clinton is famous for at least three things.  His terrific treatment of women, his difficulty with the definition of very simple words – and his otherwise fluidity with the language when making up things…or pushing his pedestrian Leftism.

Clinton is of course a huge fan of racism – oops, I mean affirmative action.  Leftists LOVE it.  And he in the 1990s took to rhyme in its defense.

Affirmative Action: Mend It, Don’t End It

Of course, when something is truly awful, the only way to mend it – IS to end it.

You don’t mend a cancerous tumor (which any program based on race is) – you end it.

Speaking of cancerous tumors – we now turn our attention to Obamacare. (more…)

Let’s Aim Sanctions Somewhere Other Than at Our Feet

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There is a great deal of current DC fervor to sanction the daylight out of Saudi Arabia.  In response to the kingdom’s alleged assassination of alleged reporter Jamal Khashoggi.

I say “alleged reporter” – because Khashoggi ran for decades with some really bad Muslims.

Media Forgets to Mention Jamal Khashoggi was in the Muslim Brotherhood

Jamal Khashoggi was Osama Bin Laden Pal, Mourned His Death, Vouched for Terror Funder

I’m just saying Khashoggi may have been less journalist – more jihadist.

I say “alleged assassination” – because we don’t yet know for sure if Saudi Arabia did it.  (Though it is looking increasingly likely.)

Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) – is from all appearances effecting incremental reforms toward modernity.  Because incremental is all the Kingdom will take.

Damaging Islamist outfits like the Muslim Brotherhood – has to be a part of that process.  And this is the Arab World – they do things a little less daintily than do we. (more…)

Leftist Big Tech: ‘Communist China? Heck Yes. The US Military? Heck No.’

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We Extend Our Hand –
They…Keep Clenched Their Fist

The domestic Left really doesn’t like America or Americans very much.

In fact, it’s quite reasonable to say the Left loathes America and Americans.

Antifa: US Security Agencies Label Group ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Black Lives Matter: FBI Terrorism Unit Says ‘Black Identity Extremists’ Pose a Violent Threat

Occupy Wall Street Labeled ‘Terrorists’ By The FBI

US Domestic Terrorism: Earth Liberation Front

Weather Underground Bombs the Capitol, Pentagon

25 Reasons Why I Hate America

Top Ten Reasons to Hate Americans

An Uneasy America: ‘Why We Hate Us’

Why We Hate Us: American Discontent in the New Millennium

In this anti-America hater-ism – the domestic Left has very much in common with some other really AWFUL people. (more…)

One Thing Way Worse than Too Much US Government? Too Much Chinese Government

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The End of the World
as We Know It.
And I Feel Foul

We’ve said it many times before: Republican President Richard Nixon’s biggest mistake – was not Watergate.

Watergate is perhaps the most overrated political scandal in history.  It was a third-rate burglary of some Democrat National Committee offices – in the midst of an election in which Nixon…would ultimately win forty-nine states.

What – would Nixon have only won forty-three states without the break-in?

The Democrats’ first vice presidential nominee had to be yanked from the ticket mid-campaign – because he had been repeatedly institutionalized for mental illness.  This was not a juggernaut opposing slate.

The Watergate break-in – was utterly irrelevant to the election…and, actually, to our nation’s actual history.

No, Nixon’s biggest mistake – was opening the seething cauldron of snakes that is Communist China: (more…)

When the Punishment Doesn’t Fit the Crime – and Isn’t Even a Punishment

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So Build a Bigger Jail

We the People are inordinately tired of watching criminal wrongdoing go unpunished.

It is a large part of what we understood – and what then-presidential candidate Donald Trump meant – when Trump politically coined the term “Drain the Swamp.”  Oft when Trump delivered this particular catch phrase – the crowd responded with “Lock Her Up.”

The “her” – being Trump’s opponent, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.  A quintessential Swamp Creature.  Who has spent an inordinate amount of her adult life – in Swamp Creature fashion – breaking the law.  And none of her adult life – being punished for having spent an inordinate amount of her adult life breaking the law.  Also very Swamp Creature.

We the People find quite disquieting a world where bad deeds go unpunished. (more…)

Thank God: Another Awful Obama Legacy Item Getting a Trump Makeover

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Trump Kids. He’s a Kidder

The Barack Obama Administration was awful for America, We the People – and the public policies that make the awfulness possible.  In ways and directions too numerous to count.

America is (allegedly, supposed to be) a free market economy.  To make it work – We the People need money.  Capital – to fuel the capitalism.

We are in the very early stages of the Information Age.  Where less and less things are physical – more and more are virtual.  As we transition from the tangible to the intangible – the protections of the intangible are of greater and greater import.

Stealing something digital – should be treated at least as harshly as stealing something physical.  Illegally downloading music – should be treated at least as harshly as stealing the same music on compact disc (CD).  Intellectual Property (IP) – is property.

If people don’t get paid to create – they will very quickly stop creating.  Because: Human nature.  No capital for capitalism?  No capitalism. (more…)

The Anti-Kavanaugh Dumbness – A Pain that Will Be with Us for Quite Some Time

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The Dumbness – It Hurts

The interesting cartoon “Pinky and The Brain” – was in some ways eerily prescient of today’s political scene.

Pinky and The Brain were two lab mice – experimented upon beyond all mental recognition.

Pinky was a barely functional moron.  In our politics – Pinky represents the brainless, mindless Left we saw so exquisitely on display in the weeks leading up to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Saturday confirmation as Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court.

The Brain was (natch) a super-genius.  Quiet and staid – he represents the average right-of-center person.  The Brain is incessantly hounded and annoyed by the very hounding and annoying Pinky – just as We the People are constantly hounded and annoyed by the Left. (more…)

Anti-2nd Amendment, Anti-Energy Bloomberg’s Latest Big Money Assault on Freedom

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Energy – Yet Another Issue
on Which Bloomberg is WAY Wrong

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg long ago joined a coterie of Leftists billionaires – who have become snide caricatures of themselves.

Most especially the Leftist billionaires who claim “environmentalist” bona fides.  They want the government to ban actions and activities they claim harm the planet – all the while they are engaging in those actions and activities orders-of-magnitude-more than do We the Peons.

Once Democrat Vice President Al Gore is the most famous such hypocritical Leftist billionaire.  Gore in fact made his billions – hawking this Greatest Scam on Earth.  That would be Global Warming – oops, I mean Climate Change.  He has won a panoply of awards pushing his hyped-beyond-reason nonsense.  And he’s a total hypocrite.

Al Gore’s Climate Change Hypocrisy Is As Big As His Energy-Sucking Mansion

Also behold Tom Steyer.  His main Leftist cause – is banning all actual energy – oil, coal, etc – that fuels our free market economy.  Which is more than a little ironic – since he made great chunks of his billions dealing in just those energy sources. (more…)

Would You Jump Out of an Airplane – Without a Backup Parachute?

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Three – Which is More than One

I know I wouldn’t.  But I wouldn’t jump out of an airplane with a half dozen chutes – all of them already open upon departure.  Leaping out of a perfectly good airplane – ain’t my thing.

But it is the thing for lots and lots of people.  Do they jump with but one chute?  Heavens no.

How Many Parachutes Does a Skydiver Have?:

“What do gloves, shoes, shotgun barrels, earplugs and skydiving parachutes have in common? They always, always, always travel in pairs–or you simply don’t use them.

“Though most of the uninitiated think that skydiving systems only include a single parachute, nothing could be farther from the truth. Sport skydivers have carried a reserve parachute along for the ride since the dawn of the sport in the 1950s….”

Is government this rudimentarily intelligent?  Do they carry spares and backups – when spares and backups are absolutely necessary?  Heavens no.

The same government that is this duplicative-ly stupid when it makes no sense whatsoever: (more…)

Great Trump Trade News on the EU, Canada and Mexico: Next Do India

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We Need India to Wave the White Flag on Subsidies

President Donald Trump has now had during his first term – three rather large global trade wins.

Trump and EU Officials Agree to Work Toward ‘Zero Tariff’ Deal:

“Donald Trump and European Union officials on Wednesday stepped back from a trade war as they struck a deal to work towards ‘zero’ tariffs, barriers and subsidies.”

Trump Announces US-Mexico Trade Deal, Setting Stage for NAFTA Overhaul

That stage set – Trump then took it and delivered yet another masterful performance.

Trump’s New Trade Deal with Canada and Mexico is Winning Early Praise

Trump arrived at these big victories – via a tactic many, many people decried.

No One Likes Tariffs – Which Is Why Trump Imposes Them

Time and again – Trump has been proven correct. (more…)