Let’s Not Entirely Cede Cryptocurrencies to Already-Dominant Communist China

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Headed Towards
Communist China Monopoly

We have oft documented the decades’ worth of really awful trade deals in which the United States has participated. Chief country amongst the many with whom we’ve cut really awful deals – is, of course, Communist China.

Our very stupid trade deals have bled millions of jobs from US to China.  China in some instances took nigh entire sectors away from us (Hello, manufacturing).

God bless President Donald Trump for addressing the dragon in the room (dragon seems more China-appropriate than elephant).  In two years he has revamped many trade deals and reversed much of this awful job outsourcing trend.

But many of those jobs – are today’s and tomorrow’s jobs.  Eventually, more and more manufacturing will be automated.  (Though I am highly dubious of any major robot takeovers any time soon.)

We are now in the very early stages of the Information Economy.  Where more and more the tangible will give way to the intangible.  We must also keep China from dominating that sphere. (more…)

When a Government Contract Process Is This Crony Corrupt – You Should Start Over

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That’s the DC Way

The old workman’s saying is: Measure twice – cut once:

“One should always double check one’s measurements before cutting materials to minimize the chance of mistakes thus wasting materials, time and money.”

The federal government spends $4 trillion per year.  It has spent so much for so long – it has created ten of the richest twenty counties in all of America.

Does the government adhere to our old workman’s saying?  Heavens no.

Because it isn’t their money they’re spending.  It’s human nature.  It’s the Wallet Rule: (more…)

How Global Organizations Warp the Globe

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A 100+ Country Pile-Up

I’m not a globalist.  I’m a nationalist.  Why?

Because I can only live in one nation at a time.  And I’d like the leaders of that nation to do what’s best for that nation.  Because I’m living in it.  And they’re (allegedly) representing it.

I live in America.  I vote in American elections.  To elect American representatives – to represent America.

I know a great many of these elected officials are clowns.  But I’d at the very least like these America-elected clowns – to not subjugate America’s interests to other nations.

Or multinational organizations.  Because the history of multinational organizations – is almost always to look to subjugate America.  And sanity.  And Reality. (more…)

Pretty Low: Falsely Claiming ‘National Security’ So As to Steal Patented Tech

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Less Time in Courtrooms –
More Time in Labs

Mega-company Apple (Market Cap: $838 billion) has spent the last nearly two years selling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of stolen goods:

“Actually – the stolen guts within the goods.

“What do we mean?

“The reasons Apple’s iPhone (and iPad are) at all interesting – are the patented ideas developed by American company Qualcomm….

“Were it not for Qualcomm’s inventions – Apple’s $1,000 iPhone X would be little more than a skinny rotary phone….

“(F)or years and years – through generation after generation of iPhone – Apple has signed all sorts of contracts with Qualcomm.  Promising under penalty of law to pay Qualcomm for the use of Qualcomm’s patented ideas. (more…)

America First: Trump Must Defend Intellectual Property Here Too

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‘Your Mind Belongs to Me’ –
That’s Not Totalitarian at All

God bless President Donald Trump and his Administration for all they are doing to protect Intellectual Property (IP) from the world’s wolves.

Of course the largest of all the wolves – is China.

Trump To Toughen-Up On China’s Intellectual Property Theft

Trump Administration Goes after China over Intellectual Property

Trump’s Actions Send a Clear Message: China’s Era of Intellectual Property Theft Is Over

U.S. Accuses China of Continuing IP Theft as WTO Launches Probe

Intellectual Property to Take Center Stage as Trump and Xi Meet

But the world’s wolves are everywhere. (more…)

Lame Duck Soup: Sometimes You Have to Watch How the Sausage is Made

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Duck Kong

For people not steeped in American cinematic history – Duck Soup:

“The country of Freedonia is in the middle of a financial crisis and on the brink of revolution….(T)he government appoints Rufus T Firefly as its president. However, Mr Firefly shuns the pomp and pretentiousness of government; along with the prudence and rationality of it too.”

I’ve again and again thought of this flick – ever since Donald Trump was elected President.  It’s as if we’ve chosen Rufus T. Firefly.

A man who sees government and all its attending nonsense – for the giant, incompetent, rolling ridiculousness it is.

Every time someone complains about something Trump does that they deem “isn’t presidential” – I think of President Firefly.  (And of the fact that Trump is President – and thus everything he does is presidential.)

Because Trump has incepted an all-encompassing debate: Do we care more about style – or substance. (more…)

Let’s Not Over-Regulate Cryptocurrencies into a Chinese Monopoly

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Like most people, the mysterious world of digital currencies remains for the most part…well, a bit of a mystery.

I’ve occasionally dived into some readings on cryptocurrencies – and found the water to be a little chilly.  I do get the basic gist.  And I certainly understand the desire to end run governments – with their very greedy hands and very nosy noses.

I ask you now to contemplate…government contemplating cryptocurrencies.

Facebook kingpin Mark Zuckerberg recently appeared before the United States Senate.  The Senators’ questions for him about his website were…fairly basic.  Rudimentary.

Ok – a bunch of Senators sounded REALLY goofy and uninformed.  About a Web platform that has been around for nearly two decades – operating a business model VERY common to the Internet.

Can you imagine these government officials – ANY government officials – attempting to grapple with digital money? (more…)

How Does One Stop Cronyism? One Crony at a Time

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Someone is Laughing –
And It Ain’t We the Taxpayers

The federal government spends a whopping four trillion dollars per year.  And prior to the Donald Trump Administration’s most overdue and much appreciated mass regulatory reductions – the federal government regulated at a compliance cost of two trillion dollars per year.

That’s six trillion dollars per year worth of power – lorded over a country whose per annum Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is $20 trillion.  The Feds held sway over 30% of our nation’s entire economic activity.

Which is, of course, obscene.  And when The Feds wield that much influence – the influence peddling is just as massive.

It’s a federal firing squad.  Armed with machine guns.  Aimed at We the Taxpayers.

It’s a really nasty vicious circle.  Politicians want campaign cash to get elected.  Cronies want large chunks of the money politicians take from us in taxes.

With four trillion dollars a year to throw around – the return on crony investment is extraordinary. (more…)

The Right Should Emulate the Lefts Incrementalism

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Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.orgI am for MUCH less government than the massive, nauseating amounts with which we are currently befouled.

The federal government alone spends MORE THAN FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR.

The entire United States economy’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – the total productivity of every productive man, woman and child in the nation – is around $20 trillion.

So The Feds alone – spend TWENTY PERCENT of what THE ENTIRE COUNTRY produces.

Pardon the caps spasms.  But that spending – and the percentage of our GDP it represents – is mind-numbingly obnoxious.

A Constitutionally-delimited budget – would be less than $ 1 trillion per annum.  So we’re a little high. (more…)

Our Lack of Patent Protection is Destroying America’s Future Economy

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Let’s Reclaim the Lead –
Thereby Preventing the Communist Chinese

The Donald Trump Administration has done an excellent job of reinvigorating our economy.

The administration has done the very necessary bureaucratic forestry of cutting back much of the regulatory underbrush.

And Trump and Republicans passed their tax cuts – which were aimed in no small part at people who hire people.  Since they’re about the only ones left who pay income taxes.

The Top 1,409 Individual Taxpayers Pay More Than The Bottom 70% Combined

Trump and the Republicans know what basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley once said:

“I’ve never seen a poor person hire anyone.” (more…)