ZTE: If the Intent is to Stop IP Theft – It’s Good to Not Punish People Who Pay for IP

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I Understand It’s at Times
Difficult to Distinguish

Now-President Donald Trump ran for the gig – promising to clean up DC’s titanically stupid fake “free trade” status quo.

And as is the case with very much of that on which he ran – Trump is now practicing what he preached.

Far too many people in DC have been in full-on freakout mode – in full-on defense of DC’s titanically stupid fake “free trade” status quo.

These stalwarts of stupidity have spent the last several decades ignoring the trade wars so-very-many nations have been unilaterally waging against us.

And have instead only now awoken from their stupors – to attack Trump for finally fighting back. (more…)

Government Duplicates When It’s Stupid – and Doesn’t When It’s a National Security Imperative

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Cronyism and National Security Red Alert

The late, inordinately great Ronald Reagan wisely noted:

“We could say the government spends like drunken sailors – but that would be unfair to drunken sailors. Because the sailors are spending their own money.”

The late, inordinately great Sir Ernest John Pickstone Benn wisely noted:

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”

Mix up a massive $4-trillion-per-year federal government budget – and the massive politics involved in electing the people to spend it – and you see the harmonic-convergence-wisdom of these two gentlemen. (more…)

It Isn’t So Much Fun When the Trade Protectionism Is on the Other Foot

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Very Sour Indeed

We have for years now been pointing out the titanic folly of what passes for “free trade” in our nation’s capital.

Now-President Donald Trump has been doing the same – for decades.

Washington, D.C.’s definition of “free trade” – is anything but.

DC has for decades allowed into America virtually unfettered – virtually any product from any country on the planet.

Ok – that’s actually free trade.

But DC has for decades allowed virtually every other nation – to emplace all sorts of taxes and restrictions upon our products.

That ain’t free trade.

DC has for decades also allowed virtually every other nation to subsidize their products. Which – when these products enter the global market – have a decidedly unfair advantage over competing products. Like, say, our products.

That ain’t free trade either. (more…)

The Obamas’ $50 Million Netflix Deal: Cronyism Comes Full Circle

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Cronyism Pays Really Very Well

A somber and sober Memorial Day to one and all.

Ex-President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle just signed a deal with Netflix to “produce television shows and films for the streaming service.” It could be worth as much as $50 million.

Which makes perfect business sense for Netflix – given the Obamas’ extensive experience in story development, screenwriting, direction and production.

I kid. I’m a kidder.

The Obamas, of course, have zero history in the filmmaking business. The chances of them falling backwards into content production success are…just about non-existent.

When examined through a political prism – rather than a business one – this move makes perfect sense. For the Obamas – and Netflix. (more…)

I Dislike Tariffs; I Dislike Intellectual Property Theft Much, Much More

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Now There’s a Thought

We’ve oft written about the abject phoniness that poses as “free trade” in Washington, D.C.

Where our trading partners impose all sorts of taxes and import limits on our stuff. And we do nothing of the sort to theirs – flinging wide open our worlds-largest-market to any and all comers.

Where our trading partners’ governments subsidize the living daylight out of their products. Which they then bring to global market – bringing with them the inherent, price-reducing advantages of all the government money behind them.

All of which woefully disadvantages our products – and their producers. Because our producers aren’t competing on anything remotely resembling a level playing field.

This decades-long inanity – has severely damaged our nation.

It has cost us millions of jobs. The Rust Belt – wasn’t always the Rust Belt. It used to be the heart of the world’s greatest manufacturing engine.

Gone are tens of thousands of plants and factories. Swap-outsourced – for government money checks, meth labs and opioid addictions. (more…)

The Left: Experts at Accusing Others of That Which They Do

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It’s Not You – It’s Me

“Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.”

This quote has bopped around for quite some time. It is at times attributed to Communists Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx, National Socialist Joseph Goebbels and sometimes even modern Leftist godfather Saul Alinsky.

Regardless of its origin – Leftists are so very excellent at it. In their high school AV Clubs – Leftists ran the projectors.

Losing 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton just spoke at Liberty University (why, Liberty, WHY?) – wearing a Russian hat. So clever. In an attempt to poke at the fact-free year-plus investigation into the guy who beat her – Republican President Donald Trump. (more…)

The Media-Left’s Warped, Hypocritical, Political Definition of ‘Monopoly’

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Ploy Story

As DC-based nationally syndicated radio host Chris Plante rightly notes: “Were it not for double standards – the Left would have no standards at all.”

To wit: How the Media-Left (please pardon the redundancy) criminally abuses the definition of “monopoly.” Or, conversely, cares not a whit about and in fact defends a monopoly. All depending upon whether or not the company in question is or is not a political ally.

The Tech Sector is rife with such Leftist double standards. The nation’s cable and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – are pro-Reality-and-thus-anti-Net-Neutrality – so the Media-Left loathes them.

And as a demonstration of the Left’s loathing – they constantly whine about imaginary monopoly power cable and the ISPs don’t actually possess. (more…)

Importing Big Government Is Even Dumber than Domestic Big Government

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Importing Domestic Unemployment

We oppose Big Government – because it’s dumb. It’s expensive, oafishly clumsy – and awful with resource and impulse control.

Government is just another organism. And just like any other organism – its first instinct is self-preservation.

Which is why you see these very many Deep State Borg Bots attacking President Donald Trump in any and every way they can. Trump is serious about shrinking government – and Big Government is attacking back.

Governments love joining together to form new governments – removing themselves even further from accountability to the people they allegedly represent.

The United Nations (UN) is just such a governmental superstructure. So too is the European Union (EU). How accountable to…anyone or anything do those two entities look?

Heck, Britain voted to get out of the EU…in 2016. #Brexit for the win. And British government officials have spent the last two years…doing everything they can to prevent Britain from getting out of the EU. (more…)

Dumb Ideas Never Die – Because Democrats Keep Proposing Them

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AKA California. And Baltimore. And Detroit. And Venezuela. And North Korea. And…

It’s a merry-go-round of Stupid.

Those of us in touch with Reality have to keep fending off the same dumb ideas – over and over and over again.

Because Leftists remain steadfastly impervious to facts. And possess the collective memory duration of your average “green” toilet flush – you know, the flash flush you have to repeat five or six times to accomplish the basic task.

Which means our first response to their yet again proposing the same stupidity – is usually “Don’t you remember when you tried this the last time?”

Nigh all of their proposals fit rather well under their blanket demand of collectivism – centralization in and under government. Call it what you will – Communism, Socialism, Fascism, whatever. Central planning and execution – for…everything.

The Left seems to have forgotten…we spent the entirety of the Twentieth Century trying this. Collectivism has murdered a hundred million people – and consigned hundreds of millions more to Hell on Earth. (more…)

The Trump Administration Shouldn’t Emulate the Obama Administration’s Crony Energy Style

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Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Let’s Finally End This Cycle, Shall We?

We here at Less Government acknowledge and appreciate Reality.

And we are unfortunately forced to spend a lot of time positively asserting Reality – because so many people steadfastly refuse to accept it.

One of these Reality facets – is that “green energy”…is neither green nor energy. It is fake energy – and fake friendly to the environment.

Solar, wind and the like are awful returns on your energy investment dollar. On their own – and even more so when compared to real energy sources like coal and oil.

And fake energy sources – claiming to be “green” – are absolutely awful for the environment.

Spent solar panels – must be handled as if they are nuclear waste. Wind turbines – also must be made of toxic materials. And wind turbine farms – are giant bird blenders. They mow down hundreds of thousands of fowl per annum. (more…)