Apple Gets to $1 Trillion – Trafficking in Goods They’ve Stolen

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Without Qualcomm’s Guts –
Apple Would Get No Glory

The world last week was rightly agog when Tech uber-giant Apple became the first company on the planet ever to top a $1 trillion market cap.

And many people think that’s only the beginning.

VC Gene Munster: Apple Is in a ‘Paradigm Shift’ That Will Make It Worth Even More than $1 Trillion

How did Apple get here?  Sure, they sell several products and services.  But let us not kid ourselves.

The reason Apple is Apple – is the iPhone.

Apple uber-fan – and creator of modern syndicated radio – Rush Limbaugh acknowledged this on his show on Monday: (more…)

The NY Times Is Media’s Apex – And Their Anti-White People Tech Hire Is Wholly Emblematic

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Anti-White People? No Problem

We have spent the last near-decade pointing out the Tech World media – is just as obnoxious and Leftist as the broader media.  A microcosm of the massive Jurassic Press – all of which has been screwing conservatives and free marketers for decades.

In fact, we have noted that over the last near-decade – a three-way merger has occurred.  Between the media, the Tech World media – and Tech World itself.

The Likes Of Google And Facebook Are Now Driving The ‘News’ Media Cart:

“Our recurring joke – that is itself a ceaselessly recurring joke – is when we mention the ‘Media-Left,’ we always follow it with ‘please pardon the redundancy.’  The Media-Left merger is now seamless.  I could hand you a New York Times article and a Daily Kos article – and you would be hard pressed to determine which is which (aside from the latter’s propensity for profanity)….

“Because the Internet has transmogrified the landscape for all things news – and ‘news.’  The benchmark of Media success is with ever-decreasing frequency subscriptions sold – and with ever-increasing frequency clicks generated. (more…)

Umm…There Is Some Really Good Patent Legislation in Congress

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This Phone is Inexorably Leaning WAY Left

Will wonders never cease.

We who follow the goings-on in Washington, D.C. – are used to not a lot of good going on.

We have time and again seen lots and lots of awful legislation – pass and become law.

We have seen lots of last-second omnibus-ing.  Massive, unread spending bills passed at the very last moment – rather than Congress engaging in the normal, transparent budget process. (more…)

The Tech World Is Still Screwing Conservatives – And It’s Beginning to Hurt Their Business

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This Phone is Inexorably Leaning WAY Left

That the Tech World and its many mega-companies loathe anything and anyone to the Right of Karl Marx – is not breaking news.

That the Tech World and its many mega-companies are incessantly blocking, censoring and otherwise stuffing down digital holes anything and anyone to the Right of Karl Marx – is not breaking news.

Study: Conservatives Losing in Social Media Bias Battle

What’s news is: The Tech World mega-companies’ ability to do all of this – in such new, creative and innovative ways.

What’s news is: The Tech World mega-companies’ getting increasingly called out on the carpet – yet continuing unabated to abuse their nigh-limitless power.

What’s news is: It seems, finally, the Valley’s nigh-limitless power – and thus its ability to abuse the daylight out of anyone they wish, which they seem to revel in doing – is rubbing more and more people the wrong way. (more…)

The New EU Trade Deal: No One Likes Tariffs – Which Is Why Trump Imposes Them

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The Best Relationships – Are Balanced Relationships

When I attended primary school, a popular insult amongst the students (please pardon the crassness, we were kids) was “Sucks to be you.”

As we’ve previously noted – life is high school on steroids.  Which President Donald Trump seems to grasp better than most.  He applied this knowledge to accomplish oh-so-very-much in the private sector – and is doing so again as President.

It is how Trump is approaching the half-century-old global trade nightmare mess he inherited.

The United States on trade – has been the fool of the world.  We have been a virtually open channel to any goods and services from any and everywhere (including really awful places like China).  While we have let any and everyone everywhere – impose all sorts of tariffs and import-limits on our stuff.

Meanwhile, we hardly subsidize anything – while they subsidize the daylight of just about everything. (more…)

NASA: Sometimes a Little Government – Saves Us All a Whole Lot of Government

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Spending a Little to Save a Lot…Isn’t Rocket Science

I’m incessantly harangued by pin heads – about everything.

But for the purposes at hand – we will focus on the pin heads who are dying to catch me in hypocrisies when it comes to my desire for less government.

Let us begin with the fact that my organization is called “Less Government” – not “ No Government.”

I remember being accused on television by host Thom Hartmann that I wanted America to be Somalia – i.e. a lawless rambling wreck.  To which I responded “I want to be somewhere between $4-trillion-per-year (our current federal budget) – and Somalia.  Closer to Somalia – but somewhere in betwixt.”

I am a Constitutionalist.  And the Constitution calls for federal spending on some things.  Pin heads routinely chastise me for wanting to spend money – on which the Constitution mandates we spend money.  Because they are pin heads. (more…)

Rep. Coffman: It’s Always Disappointing When A Republican Falls for Leftist Lies

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Indeed It Is

The Tech World is decidedly Leftist.  Do not let them pretend they are anything else or other.

So of course the Tech World was all agog last week – thrilled with the news that a House Republican had caved to their ridiculous push for the ridiculous huge government Internet  power grab known as Network Neutrality.

Net Neutrality – is Socialism for the Internet.  It guarantees everyone equal amounts of nothing.  But don’t take my word for it – here’s an avowed Marxist who is one of Net Neutrality’s biggest backers:

“(T)he ultimate goal (of Net Neutrality) is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.”

How very Venezuela of them. (more…)

Amazon Is Having a Real Problem Staying Online and Operational

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An All Too Frequent Amazon Occurrence

Amazon is the king of online retail.  In getting there, they have engaged in many anti-competitive practices…to destroy and then become brick-and-mortar retail.

And a really well kept secret – is that retail isn’t Amazon’s most successful business.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is.  That is richest-man-in-the-history-of-the-planet Amazon owner Jeff Bezos’ cloud computer backup company.

Amazon’s Cloud Is Bigger, More Profitable Than We Think

Amazon Web Services: The Secret to the Online Retailer’s Future Success

Amazon Web Services: Holding The Profitability Bag For Amazon

Amazon Web Services turns a massive profit – which allows Amazon online retail to do obnoxious, no-profit things like this:

“Black Friday in brick-and-mortar retail circles – is the day after Thanksgiving, and marks the start of the Christmas shopping season.  It is called Black Friday because most retailers operate in the red (i.e. at a loss) – all year until then.  It is that day they break through into the black.  So obviously, Christmas for them is life-saving crucial.

“Amazon knows this.  So what do they do?:

“‘Amazon is cutting prices ferociously on its products as Christmas shopping picks up, to levels that are break-even or below.’ (more…)

It’s Time to Roll Back the Attacks against our Nation’s Inventors

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Let’s Get Back to Protecting the Nation’s Minds

The Barack Obama Administration was a very bad era in the nation’s Intellectual Property (IP) history.

The Obama Administration was chock full of historic firsts.  To wit: It was almost unquestionably the administration most hostile ever to IP and its protection.

Perhaps the administration’s most egregious act?  Inventing a whole new way to attack patents – by abusing antitrust law.

To demonstrate the obnoxiousness of this – let’s define a couple of terms.

Patent: “(A) government authority or license conferring a right or title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention.”

Antitrust: “(C)onsisting of laws to protect trade and commerce from unlawful restraints.…”

Get that?  Patents are the government – granting exclusive usage.  Antitrust are the laws – prohibiting unlawful restraints. (more…)

The Biggest Impediment to Better Internet? Local Governments

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Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

Thanks to the obscene over-officiousness of the Barack Obama Administration, we have spent much of our time the less decade or so discussing the incredible damage the federal government can do – and was doing – to…everything.

Obama’s outsized over-officiousness – certainly warranted the outsized extra attention.  Because his one-size-fits-none government impositions – left no room for anyone anywhere to breathe.  Let alone actually engage in any sort of commerce.

We are now thankfully enjoying the much-less-federal-government Donald Trump Administration.  Trump has been slashing regulations – including many major impositions imposed by his predecessor.

One such inherited dumbness undone – was Obama’s unilateral power grab of the entirety of the Internet.  Under the guise of the very stupid Network Neutrality, Obama imposed 1934 monopoly landline phone law…upon the World Wide Web.

This made zero technological sense – let alone any sense of the economic variety.  So Trump rightly, reasonably undid it. (more…)