When Big Government Advocates Accidentally Admit Being Non-Essential

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Go Team Non-Essential
(It Helps When They Self-Identify)

It’s always helpful when advocates for ever larger government remind us of how utterly unnecessary bigger government – and its advocates – actually are.

We just saw – and will soon see again – a percentage of the federal government’s approximately 850,000 “non-essential personnel” get furloughed due to a government shutdown.

I don’t call them “non-essential” – their government employer does.

None of these non-essentials – or their work – were actually missed by any actual Americans at any point during the entirety of this past all-time-longest shutdown.

Which begs the question: Why do we need said non-essential personnel – or the advocates for the government to hire even more of them?

Speaking of non-essential….

Thanks in large part to California’s highly fraudulent ballot harvesting, Democrats now control the House of Representatives.

The new majority on Thursday held a hearing – to whine about the Donald Trump Administration in 2017 wisely removing the government shackles the Barack Obama Administration had unilaterally imposed in 2015 upon the Internet. (more…)

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