The Way to End Our Cold Civil War? Get Back to Less Government

Seton Motley | Less Government |
It’s Not Really All That Civil

In deference to America’s veterans on their official Day – God bless you all, thank you VERY much – let’s look at our nation’s cold civil war.

To quote Robert Shaw from “The Sting”:

“Temperatures are running a little high.”

Just about the only portion of Barack Obama’s legacy still standing – is the heightened anger of the radical Left.

Since Donald Trump began erasing Obama by almost single-handedly implementing a less government revolution – Obama’s Leftist supporters have been more and more turning their anger into violent action.

The Left didn’t even wait for Trump to be sworn in – they rioted, injured cops, burned cars and smashed store fronts on Inauguration Day.

It’s only gotten worse, and worse, and WORSE – ever since. (more…)

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