The Anti-Property Mindset the Internet Has Helped Foster – and Expand

Seton Motley | Less Government |
A Sadly Fading Concept….

The Internet is almost undoubtedly the most expansive, impressive creation in the history of a humanity creating things.

It is a free speech-free market Xanadu.

Nothing has made easier the ability to speak and reach an audience.  Steve Gutenberg and his printing press were revolutionary – the World Wide Web is exponentially more so.

Nothing has made the conducting of commerce more facile.  Anyone selling anything has literally limitless opportunities to ply their wares online.  Thousands of online marketplaces – and the ability to easily create one of your own.

But as with anything – especially anything this expansive – there are downsides alongside the up.  One of the biggest – is the assault on all things property.  The concept of someone owning something has taken a tremendous hit in the Digital Age.

It would appear human nature dictates we creatures place greater import on things tangible – than things intangible.  We seem to elementally get things physical – far more readily than we do things conceived by and of the mind.

This is a fundamental flaw in our nature – especially in this…the Digital Age.  We must ensure it not become a fatal one. (more…)

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