Trade Deals – Like Everything Else – Are Immutably Subject to Human Nature

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Lions for Lambs

Commercial trade between people and peoples – is subject to what everything else on the planet is subject: human nature.

Much of what one should know about human nature – could have been learned in high school.  Life – is high school on steroids.

Life has cliques – just as high school did: Jocks, geeks, nerds, spazs, etc.  You may have different group names – but not different group types.  And these personality types – channel people from the cradle all the way through life.

You’re born a certain way – and life will inexorably catch up and catch on.

They say politics is Hollywood for ugly people.  But both Hollywood and DC are populated by representatives from all those high school groups – and they view the world through these respective prisms. (more…)

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