Because Congress Has Accomplished So Much: A Mixed Martial Arts Hearing

Presidential candidate Donald Trump ran for two years on several key legislative components. The big three were Obamacare repeal, tax-cuts-and-code-reform and a monstrous, massive infrastructure bill. Full disclosure: I think the latter idea – is absolutely terrible. The states with the roads in them – should themselves take care of the roads in them. I-95 […]

Leftists Refusing to Provide Goods and Services Is Just Fine – Inauguration Edition

There is nothing more close-minded than the open-minded Leftist. As if we needed even more reminders of this metaphysical truth – behold Donald Trump’s presidential election and inauguration.  Which has oh-so-many-Leftists engaged in avalanche-esque amounts of flagrant obnoxiousness and whiplash-inducing hypocrisy. And if you want some quintessential distilled Leftist essence – look to the Silicon […]