Without Massive Doses of Cronyism – Amazon Doesn’t Do So Well

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Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org

Most unfortunately, governments at every level – federal, state and local – have grown to exceedingly obese size and status. Making them corpulent targets for bribes from monster companies – to ladle government gravy atop the monster companies’ biscuits. Governments are monstrously outsized.  So too, of course, is the cronyism monster companies seek and are […]

Dear Trump FTC: Please Stop Doing Obama FTC-esque Things

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As we have repeatedly noted, there is a whole lot of good going on in the Donald Trump Administration. But we are not sporting rose spectacles – we of course recognize that there is some serious bad going on as well. The lion share of the bad – isn’t being done by Trump’s people. It […]