Did Obama’s EPA Ignore a Crisis – to Make the Case for Even More Government?

Remember Fast and Furious?: “As a refresher, from 2009 to 2011, agents from the (President Barack Obama) Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF), overseen by the (Obama Department of Justice) DOJ, allowed known straw purchasers working for Mexican cartels to illegally buy thousands of firearms at U.S. gun shops. “The ATF allowed those […]

We Must Save the Environment – From the Environmentalists

The joke is so old and repetitive – because the joke that is environmentalism and environmentalists is so old and repetitive.  Time and again, nigh every time environmentalists gather to gripe about some fairy tale or other – or to simply listen to tunes, turn on, tune in and drop out – they have left […]

The EPA Finally Has Something Legitimate It Could Do – So of Course It’s Not Doing It

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is notorious for serially, consistently doing things the laws as written do not allow it to do.  Meanwhile, its bureaucrats are so unlawfully distracted –  they miss a mess they are actually supposed to address. Is the EPA constantly doing things it’s not supposed to do?  Absolutely. Supreme Court: EPA […]

Puerto Rican Protestors May Have a Point – But They Are Making It Very Badly

There is an environmental protest underway in borderline-bankrupt Puerto Rico. It involves the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the bereft Puerto Rican government – and nasty landfills. As has always been the case, it is only thriving capitalist economies that can afford to care about the environment. Only they have the disposable income available to keep […]

In the Proud Tradition of Leftist Domestic Terrorism…

Water is wet. The Sun rises in the east. And large swaths of the Left engage in heinous acts of violence in the name of politics. For our purposes here today, we’ll ignore the 94 million or so people Communism has murdered around the world. This is about the domestic Left. We’ll begin just after […]

What Obama Just Did Exemplifies Why His Economy Continues to Stink On Ice

Uncertainty. Perhaps the worst of words for private sector investors. The free market is filled to the brim with it. One rarely if ever knows how things will transpire. You measure twice – if not three, four or five times. And then you cut your deal. Then you cross your fingers – and hope for […]

Presidential Also-Ran Al Gore: Yet Another Non-Scientist Lecturing Us About Science

And the dimmest shall lead us…. Anyone notice that the lead snake oil salesmen for global warming climate change – The Greatest Scam on Earth – aren’t scientists? And as the evidence against The Big Lie continues to roll in and pile up – the pro-Lie scientists recede further into the background? Further ceding the […]

Too Much Dishonesty, WAY Too Late, on the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) will deliver us oil. From the fracking-unleashed shale fields of North Dakota to Illinois – from whence it will make its energy-providing, prices-lowering way into our economy. As with all things – especially oil-related – lots of governments had to grant lots of permission to the DAPL folks before any […]

Have Environmental Radicals Led the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to Commit Perjury?

Committing perjury is a serious offense. Ok, sadly, I do acknowledge that this assertion is less and less true in what is now post-legal America. Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is well on the way to zero consequence for multiple instances (and multiple other crimes). And, sadly, this laxity is not just a recent phenomenon. […]