Rapper Kanye West and Pro Wrestler Kane – We’ll Take Wisdom Wherever It Turns Up

As the late, inordinately great Andrew Breitbart wisely noted: “Politics is downstream from culture.” Our politics is so awful, awfully Leftist – in no small part because our culture is so awful, awfully Leftist. Our media of all sorts – news, Hollywood, music, literature – is corrupt nigh to the core. And that rot – […]

Communist China’s Latest Intellectual Property Con: Stealing IP Creation

Communist China is not a nice place. Because…Communism. Amongst its oh-so-many awful deeds – Communist China is a world-renowned den of intellectual property (IP) thieves. Forget Tariffs, China’s Alleged Intellectual Property Theft a Bigger Threat to Market China is an “alleged” IP thief – the way Don Juan was an “alleged” fan of women. How […]

China and South Korea Corruption: The Globalists’ Globe Isn’t a Very Nice Place

I am a virulent free trader. I love commerce between nigh any peoples and nations with whom the exchanges are on equal footing – and as unfettered as possible by government intervention and imposition. The problems arise – when we venture out into a world full of countries in love with government intervention and imposition. […]

While We’re in a Less Government Mood….

President Donald Trump’s Administration has been the most conservative and government-reducing since at least Calvin Coolidge’s. Trump has slashed regulations in a million different directions. He has appointed judges and a Supreme Court Justice who interpret the Constitution rather than rewrite it – which can only lead to less government. He has championed immigration law […]

Thank You, Mister President: Trump Saves the Internet of Everything from China

There was underway a highly disquieting hostile Tech Sector takeover. Corporate wrecking ball Broadcom – the Singapore king of breaking big companies into little sellable pieces – was looking to unpleasantly acquire United States innovation company Qualcomm. Qualcomm is the chief reason why We the People are the global leaders on all things wireless – […]

We Need to Fully Populate FTC Leadership – to Stop Residual Obama Awfulness

Now as anyone who knows me knows – I am not one to lightly call for more government in any way, shape matter or form. And I am a HUGE fan of President Donald Trump’s approach to Executive Branch staffing. Trump: No Plans to Fill ‘Unnecessary’ Appointed Positions: “‘I look at some of the jobs […]

Reversing Obama, Trump is Protecting and Thus Promoting Intellectual Property

The Barack Obama Administration was eight years of absolutely awful – in innumerable, incalculable ways. Obama had every one of the very many tentacles of the Bureaucracy Leviathan – actively attacking the private sector. The Donald Trump Administration is thus far, thankfully, the anti-Obama Administration. Undoing so very much of the precedent awful. Obama – […]