Election Lesson Not Learned: Lame Duck Democrats Rush to Tax the Web

Election 2014 was a gi-normous repudiation of the Democrat tax-and-spend, go-it-alone-government-knows-best model. For everyone except Democrats. (President Barack) Obama Pledges Immigration Executive Order By End Of Year After Rout, Dems Plan Few Changes Soon-to-be-ex-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is certainly a part of the Oblivious Caucus.

Democrats Also Aided, Abetted and Protected Obama’s Illegal Power Grabs

Happy Election Day Eve, All. Republican prospects look fairly decent tomorrow. Not really for anything they’ve done or said – but because of how terrible Democrats look. Especially in the reflective light of woefully unpopular President Barack Obama. Obama Hits Career Lows in Favorability, Empathy Obama’s Low Approval Rating Casts Shadow Over Democrat Races The […]

Congressional Dems Begging Obama Admin to by Fiat Do Their Jobs

We have spent just about all of the Barack Obama Administration decrying its myriad abuses of powers it doesn’t have. Don’t Forget Obama’s Imperial Fiats Twenty 9-0 Supreme Court Rulings Against – Obama Prepares Even More Power Grabs Often, the font of these power grabs are President Obama executive orders. Obama: I Will Use My […]

If You Like How the Government is Handling Ebola…

…you’ll love how they’ll handle the Internet. The late, inordinately great Ronald Reagan rightly observed: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” So when the federal government says about Ebola “We’ve got this”- people have a problem believing it. Obama Underwater on Ebola […]

FCC Chairman Won’t Allow his IG to Hire Any Criminal Investigators

We had some inordinately interesting recent Congressional testimony from David L. Hunt – the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s Inspector General (IG). IG Hunt appeared on Wednesday, September 17 before the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology. The topic? “Oversight of FCC Budget and Management.” What exactly does IG Hunt and his FCC Office of the […]