Another Day, Another DC Crony Lobbying for Continued Protectionism

It’s a day with a “Y” in it (check not your calendar – I’ve already checked mine). Which means in many places throughout $4-trillion-per-year Washington, D.C., there are recipients of massive cronyism – looking to keep their gravy trains a-rolling. They’d ordinarily take for granted that the cronyism would continue – and be looking to […]

Walmart Isn’t Conservative – Walmart is a Massive DC Self-Interested Special Interest

Walmart and the founding Walton family have long been seen as conservative stalwarts.  The Waltons have indeed contributed much money to conservative causes – much to the Left’s chagrin. Walmart has long been a Leftist bogeyman – in large part because they remain rightly, reasonably opposed to the unionization of their stores.  Which drove the […]

DC Economics ‘Experts’: Too Much ‘DC’ – Not Enough ‘Economics’

Steve Forbes, Larry Kudlow, Arthur B. Laffer and Stephen Moore are four big name Washington, D.C. free market economic “experts.”  They have for decades been ensconced inside the Beltway – doling out their brands of reform. But as we have seen from nigh anyone who enters the belly of the DC Beast – people grow […]

The Border Adjustment Tax: If You’re Right – You Don’t Have to Lie

I like Bill Buckley, Frederic Bastiat, Milton Friedman and a whole host of other conservative luminaries.  But I am a conservative first and foremost – because I loathe lies and liars.  And Leftism – is a giant lie. All the lies told by all of Leftism’s practitioners – are told in service of hiding the […]

Phil Gramm is Woefully Wrong on the Border Adjustment Tax

I have long liked former Texas Congressman, Senator and presidential candidate Phil Gramm.  I in fact voted for him in the 1996 Republican presidential primary.  The one time I got to meet him – years thereafter, at a UBS event (with whom he’d landed a post-politics gig) – I told him I had cast a […]