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The Private Sector Solves Problems – Government Exacerbates and Creates Them

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org

Words By Which to Run a Business

The seven years of the President Barack Obama Administration have provided us with two diametrically opposite things. The government time and again failing utterly in just about everything it tries to do – economic recovery, job creation, health care, defense of our borders and our nation, budget stewardship,…. Meanwhile, the Administration and its Democrat Party keep usurping and pushing to usurp as much of the private sector as possible – to add it all to the government’s (ir)responsibility portfolio.

Which is a whiplash-inducing denial of Reality – and a recipe for continued, accelerated ruin. The private sector is where problems are solved. Government is where they are exponentially expanded – and whole new ones are created.

So as new problems arise – as they always will – let us please allow the private sector to work them out. Do NOT allow the government to “help” – as the late, extraordinarily great Ronald Reagan duly noted: More

Facebook Should Reverse Its Support of Government’s Net Neutrality Fantasy

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org

Getting Rid of Net Neutrality – Putting People First

Network Neutrality is a unilateral and completely unnecessary government-intrusion-and-imposition on the entirety of the Internet – and the trillions-of-dollars-economy that has arisen around it. Net Neutrality is one fantasy – based upon another.

Fantasy: The evil Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will – at some indeterminate point in the future – start blocking you from getting to certain websites. (In this way it is very similar to the global warming climate change fantasy. The fantasists have to threaten amorphous future menaces – because right now no such thing is happening.)

Reality: There are currently exactly zero ISPs blocking exactly zero websites. There have been all-time less than a handful of such instances – and just about all of those were of illegal-movie-and-music download sites. You want lawful content? You got it – no problem. Because ISPs are in the customer service business – if they stop servicing customers, they will very quickly be out of business.

The pro-government fantasists created this “Eeeeevil ISP” fantasy – to engender as much support as possible for another: Net Neutrality. Which is a top-down-government-only solution shambling around looking for a private sector problem – because none actually exists. More

Cronyism: For the Likes of Google, It is Really, REALLY Good to be a Friend of Obama

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org

Endless Ain’t Just for Diana Ross and Lionel Richie

If President Barack Obama doesn’t like you – his government tends to make your life really, REALLY miserable. Ask Tea Party and conservative groups – when Obama’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) isn’t harassing them, it is allowing them to endlessly languish unapproved. Ask reporters who report things in ways the President doesn’t like – his government spies on and investigates them. Ask the coal industry – Obama’s administration is unilaterally regulating it out of existence. And on, and on, and…

But President Obama doesn’t have to specifically dislike you. He need only prefer your regulatory opponent – and at their behest he will make your life really, REALLY miserable. To wit: the Tech sector.

The Administration’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in February – via Title II Reclassification and Network Neutralityunilaterally declared itself the pernicious overlord of all Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Is it because he dislikes the likes of Comcast and Time Warner? It would be difficult to think so.

Comcast, Time Warner Execs Are Major Donors to Obama 

In fact, Comcast is melded with…NBC. Which means NBC News. Included therein is the completely ridiculous MSNBC and the freshly ridiculous CNBC. How on Earth could President Obama dislike them?

He could – if a bigger Crony asked him to do so. Behold: Google. More

Hillary Clinton Misunderstands (Misrepresents?) How Government Pummels the Economy

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment

Notice How That Connects to the Internet, Madame Secretary?

Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democrat presidential nominee. (Sorry, Bernie Sanders fans. You too, Martin O’Malley fans – both of you.)   Unless – and likely even if – she is indicted for her latest foray into self-defined ethics. She has in her past more than a quarter century of…questionable statements, decisions and actions – so it would appear nothing else in this vein will matter to the Democrat rank and file.

Mrs. Clinton is vying to lead the government that lords over our $17+ trillion economy. Which – given just one article she recently penned – is more than a mite disturbing. Behold: “Being Pro-Business Doesn’t Mean Hanging Consumers Out to Dry.”

What Mrs. Clinton does mean to do, apparently, is hang out to dry the facts and Reality. Her column is chock full of Leftist bromide talking points – which have time and again been totally disproven. But because the Left dominates the media – they live on. Fake Leftist “facts” are like zombies. They are repeatedly slain – but again and again shamble away from their graves. Happy Halloween, All.

Let us examine just some of what the looming Democrat nominee has to offer. Steady yourselves – she actually starts out…quite well. More

When Government Tries to Equalize Free Speech – We End Up With Zero Speech

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org

Behold: ‘Equal Time’

The First Amendment reads (in part): “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech….” “Abridge” is legally defined as: “…(T)he making of a declaration or count shorter, by taking or severing away some of the substance from it.” The Founders prohibited the government from not just silencing speech – but from doing anything at all to in any way reduce it.

Not at all surprisingly, two government speech regulations ended up doing exactly what the Constitution was written to prevent it doing. Behold the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-imposed Fairness Doctrine and Equal Time provision.

These inanities were inflicted on anyone who had a broadcast license on spectrum given to them by the government. (That’s over-the-air television and radio.) These regs left most such recipients regretting mightily not having just paid for the airwaves – so as to have gotten (at least a little) out from under government’s massive thumb.

These two First Amendment assaults were imposed in the name of government-defined-and-mandated speech “equality.” As usual, government fundamentally misrepresents its charter. It is required to ensure equality of opportunity – not empowered to impose equality of outcome. Anyone can say anything they want – that’s Constitutional opportunity. Anyone else receiving a government-mandated equal chance on the same platform – is unConstitutional free speech abridgment. How so? Here goes…. More

ObamaCare Co-Ops’ Fail: Government Has No Business Being in Business

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org

One Stop Stopping

Government is an inherently failed entity. It always is – it always will be. Government can do a few things well (the military leaps to mind). But even those successes are woefully mismanaged and obstinately wasteful of money (with the military – usually due to its civilian overseers).

There is no “reform” of this. You can’t improve government quality of service. Because government is organized and run by humans – and thus subject to the immutable laws of human nature. Two particularly pertinent such laws: the Wallet and Yellow Pages Rules.

The Wallet Rule: You go out on a Friday night with your wallet. You go out the following Friday night with my wallet. On which Friday night are you going to have more fun?

Obviously you will have more fun with my wallet than yours – because at the end of the revelry you care what your wallet looks like. My wallet? You don’t care quite so much. Government is always using other peoples’ wallets – and the Friday night party never, ever ends. More

As Rush Limbaugh Routinely Demonstrates: The Media’s Lockstep Leftist Talking Points

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org

The Media –
As Always, Circling the Wagons

We’ve time and again seen the media receive their messaging orders – and then march off all mouthing the Leftist talking point(s) of the day. Washington, D.C.-based talk radio host Chris Plante quotes a military friend of his describing the media not as a gaggle, but as a centipede. Multitudinous legs in coordinated movement – all headed in the same direction.

Talk radio impresario Rush Limbaugh has long made audio cavalcades of this media mal-practice a routine feature of his show. He strings together “media montages” – innumerable examples of “reporters” magically all arriving at the exact same Leftist term(s) to describe the news of the day.

Media Montage: Mundane Hillary E-Mails

Drive-Bys (The Media) Compare Warren to Cruz

“The People Spoke”

The Internet Didn’t Bully You, Ms. Lewinsky — Bill Clinton and the Democrat Party Did That

Gravitas Montage Explains It All

The media is just as mindlessly repetitive on all things Tech. As it has been of late when reporting on the huge government Internet power grab – the woefully mis-named Network Neutrality. Which the Barack Obama Administration unilaterally imposed via a “vote” by three unelected Federal Communications Commission (FCC) bureaucrats. All of whom are Democrats. All of whom were appointed by the President. (The FCC’s two Republicans voted Nay.)   More

Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich Are Confused by Economics. And Government. And Reality

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org

Confused – Times Two

Socialism is a failed ideology. It was the avant-garde approach to how to do government – in the Twentieth Century. The Soviet Union was the flagship petri dish. That conquered, infiltrated or ingratiated themselves with many other nations – to establish them as additional petri dishes (Hello, Cuba). We certainly now have a large enough, long enough sample set – and the results are in. The system is contaminated – Socialism does not work.

Socialists feebly cry “But they weren’t Socialist – they were Communist.” Which is a distinction with very little difference. Communism is Socialism – with a boot in the neck. The Communist boot is almost always ultimately necessary – because people eventually figure out Socialism stinks on ice. Which is why so many peaceful Socialist experiments end up as Communist totalitarian regimes. See: Orwell, George.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans attend government schools. As Neal Boortz rightly notes: “If you go to a Catholic school – you get a pro-Catholic education. So if you go to a government school – you get a pro-government education.” Our government school system doesn’t teach that Socialism stinks on ice. They have for decades defied decades of evidence – and declared Socialism to be great. (And our colleges are at least as bad – if not worse.)

Ignorance replicated – resonates. Flash forward to today: Avowed Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is a force in the Democrat presidential primary. Little known factoid: When in the Senate, primary opponent Hillary Clinton was only 0.1% less Left than Sanders. And they were ranked Numbers 15 and 13 respectively in the Democrat caucus – meaning there were a dozen Senators more Left than them. Know why Democrat National Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz can’t distinguish between a Democrat and a Socialist? Because they are indistinguishable. More

DC’s Latest Self-Inflicted ‘Crisis’ – We Run Out of Budget on October 1

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org

For DC – Full Speed Ahead Yet Again

Washington, D.C. is a dysfunctional mess. Just about nothing gets done unless it absolutely has to get done. And when things do get done – they are just about always horrible. Bigger and bigger government, over and over again, as far as the eye can see.

For instance, DC hasn’t passed an actual budget through the actual process since 2009 – the year of the $878 billion alleged “Stimulus.” DC has ever since set its spending via Continuing Resolutions (CRs) – which means with the alleged “Stimulus” built in to the baseline. Meaning we’ve now had an additional $5+ trillion in “Stimulus” thrown down the rat hole – above and beyond the original “Stimulus” and the already heinous 2009 pre-“Stimulus” budget level.   Wonder why we have in that time added $8+-trillion-and-counting to the national debt – despite repeated record-setting tax takes? This is largely why.

This all-encompassing DC disarray is in part created by Democrat President Barack Obama. Who is a strident, nightmare Leftist – with no regard for the Constitution or its limits and processes. He doesn’t budge an inch. On anything. Ever. And his Democrats controlled the Senate all the way through until January. They are all big fans of the built-in-“Stimulus” CRs – so they for years helped blow up the budget process. More

President Obama Further Widens the Chasm Between DC and America

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org

The Capital Beltway

Over the weekend the Gallup polling company delivered us their latest: “75% in U.S. See Widespread Government Corruption – This figure is up from two in three in 2007 (67%) and 2009 (66%).”

That already-incredibly high 2009 number likely reflects the horrendous government bailout era. When Americans saw DC in anti-capitalism-fashion throw over a trillion dollars at a handful of companies – which were led by people who had donated tens of millions of dollars to government officials. When contribution-recipient outgoing-Republican-president George W. Bush ludicrously said “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” The American people knew just how absurd all of that was. They also knew that government caused the crash – but government’s alleged “solutiondid nothing to address that cause.

The Gallup poll’s rise to 3/4 from 2/3 reflects the ongoing bailout fraud under the auspices of the successor-president – Democrat Barack Obama. Americans saw General Motors (GM) transmogrify into Government Motors. They saw much of the $83 billion in GM bailout money go to the Democrat uber-donor United Auto Workers (UAW) union – to be spent on subsequent Democrat campaigns. A bailout on which President Obama said we’d make money – but on which we lost over $70 billion.

The Gallup poll’s rise also reflects the Age of “Stimulus.” When in 2009 DC shoveled out the door an additional $787 billion – which Americans know we don’t have. Much of which went to Democrat donors, too. $80 billion of it went to “green” “energy” – which Americans know is neither green nor energy. 80% of that went to Democrat donors. More