It’s Not ‘Free Trade’ – If They’re Stealing Tons of Our Stuff

President Donald Trump became President Donald Trump because he saw a whole host of naked emperors – and publicly pointed out the dearth of respective wardrobes.  Establishment Washington, D.C. has spent decades pretending a whole host of things labeled “A” – are “Not A.” We the People were tired of DC lying to us – […]

Donald Trump Needs to Totally Dump Google

It is certainly understandable that the Donald Trump presidency has left Google – oops, I mean Alphabet – more than a mite discombobulated. Google has just spent the last eight years all-but-running the Barack Obama Administration.  Google people visited the Obama White House at least 427 times.  Dozens of key Google staffers – transmogrified into […]

Mr. President: Please Remove Google’s Anti-IP Mole from Your Administration

One of the many aspects of the very anti-free trade “free trade” to which we have for decades been subjected – is the massive intellectual property (IP) theft conducted by China and other nations.  China alone steals more than $360 billion worth per annum – and has been doing so for decades. About which we […]

Trump Promised to Get Tough on China’s ‘Massive’ Intellectual Property Theft…

Despite what you have heard from the Left and the media (please pardon the redundancy), now-President-elect Donald Trump ran on a full panoply of ideas and policy positions.  His campaign website contained detailed plans on, amongst other things, immigration, tax and regulatory reform – and a new way to approach international trade. (Trump just didn’t […]

Let’s Not Pass the ‘CREATES Lawsuits-Undermines Patents’ Act

We’ve written extensively about the bipartisan, awful, awfully mis-named Innovation and PATENT Acts. Bills which would undermine the ability of patent holders to protect their property from thieves. By making it exponentially more difficult for them to do the one thing they can to stop the thieves – sue them. Which is awful for patent […]

Add Intellectual Property Protection to the List of Rights the Government is Eviscerating

The Constitution is an extraordinary document. Life for most humans for most of human history has been poor, nasty, brutish and short. The Constitution acknowledged this past (and present) – and transformed our future. One of the many, many amazing things the document did was properly define the role between man (master) and government (servant). […]

Thanks, FBI: We Real Worlders Find Elite World Inordinately Annoying. Again

How about that FBI no-indictment announcement yesterday? Makes perfect sense to you, I bet. Ok – I don’t bet that. At all. What does make sense to us Real Worlders – is seeing yet another Elite get yet another Get-Out-of-Reality-Free card. It is all growing quite tiresome. We Real Worlders are tired of the Elites’ […]

There’s Already a Process for Bad Patents, So Let’s Not Destroy All Patents

There are some people who simply, bizarrely do not like intellectual property. Some are full-blown Leftists – who do not like private property at all. (But don’t you dare try to take for the Collective the smart phone on which they’re Tweeting their disdain for private property.) Others are to varying degrees small “L” libertarian. […]

Peter Thiel Should Learn a Broader Litigation Lesson from his Gawker Lawsuit

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Peter Thiel is a pretty smart guy. As partial evidence, I give you his self-made net worth of $2.7 billion. He co-founded online payment mega-company PayPal – which was in 2002 sold to eBay for $1.5 billion. Anyone who saw the very good flick “The Social Network” knows Thiel was one of […]

Donald Trump, China, Trade – and Intellectual Property Theft

We are in the midst of a presidential race that is fundamentally changing how many view – and thought they knew – politics. Donald Trump especially is radically altering that map. What many thought were permanent lines – turned out to be drawn on an Etch-a-Sketch. That the presumptive Republican nominee has spent the last […]