Vice President Pence Must Save Us from Elon Musk Syndrome

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The Feds Must Stop Smoking What Musk Is Smoking

Please allow a personal point of privilege at the outset:

I REALLY like Mike Pence.  Zero sarcasm – I think he is a really good guy.

Pence once saved my professional bacon – now more than a decade ago.

I had scheduled a huge Capitol Hill anti-Fairness Doctrine press conference.  Lots of Senators and Congressmen were part of the itinerary – including then-Congressman Pence.

One of the Senators’ offices had secured for us a Senate press room – which then turned out to be not so secured.  It was double-booked – and we were out.

Pence stepped right up – and had his staffers scramble and secure us a place on the House side to host it.

Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things.  But emblematic of the man I got to know a little over the years. (more…)

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