Will (Rural-Farm) Voters Remember the Pre-China Virus Donald Trump Economy?

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Rural America:
Where Common Sense Still Holds Sway

March’s Democrat FREAK OUT!!!™ about what is really but a bad flu – was designed to justify Democrats shutting down the Donald Trump economy.

Because the pre-Democrat FREAK OUT!!!™ Donald Trump economy – was incredible.  Main Street and Wall Street both – were flourishing.

Five Economic Records Trump Set in 2019

Trump Economy Generates Record Setting Middle-Class Gains in Income

Trump Stock Market Rally Is Far Outpacing Past US Presidents

And since everyone rigidly insists on fixating upon race….

Black and Hispanic Unemployment Is at a Record Low

A key voter component of Trump’s 2016 electoral victory – was rural voters generally…and farmers specifically. (more…)

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Seton Motley | Less Government |

Democrat China Virus Overreach Is Launching the Next American Mass Migration

There have been in our nation’s history several major migrations of Americans within America. Founding Father and third president Thomas Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase began robustly our expansion westward. Jefferson hired Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to check out the huge midwest acquisition.  But they expanded their search – all the way to the Pacific Ocean.  […]

Seton Motley | Less Government |

Hey Congress: When Something Awful You Did Is Sunsetting – Let It

There’s a line – a sentiment, actually – that governments everywhere really need to take to heart. “Don’t just do something – stand there.” Of course they won’t – because they’re governments.  But it would be a lot cooler if they did. Why do we want them standing there – rather than doing something?  Because […]