Obamacare-Backing Big Insurance – Looking to Again Expand Government Medicine

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And Getting Bigger…

One heinous aspect of the heinous history of the woefully misnamed Affordable Care Act – aka Obamacare – was…and is…the vociferous backing of the inanity by huge insurance companies.

Notice I didn’t say small insurance companies.  Few such animals still exist – most having already been murdered by government medicine programs.

Small insurance companies can’t afford all the crushing costs of huge government medicine – so they die.

Which is good for huge insurance companies.  You know – less competition.

Also good for Big Insurance?  A law mandating everyone in the nation purchase their products – which Obamacare did.

Did Big Insurance know the law was awful – and it would make their products MUCH more expensive?  Of course they did.  Bad news for We the People – great news for them.

On average, Obamacare doubled premiums and tripled deductibles for those of us subjected to its heinousness.  Great news for Big Insurance.

Even better news…for Big Insurance?  (more…)

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