DC Rushes to Restore Globalist Fake ‘Free Trade’ – To the Great Detriment of We the People

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Ce N’est Pas Bon.  No Mas, Por Favor.

Nearly everyone in DC – Left, Center and Right – is working as hard as possible to as rapidly as possible erase Donald Trump from history.

DC wants everyone to forget Trump’s exposure of their $5-trillion-a-year corrupt graft racket.  So DC can get back to their $5-trillion-a-year corrupt graft racket – completely unencumbered by Trump’s spotlight and opposition.

DC wants to get back to getting bribed by Big Business to allow nigh unlimited foreigners to come in and take blue collar gigs from We the People.

DC wants to get back to getting bribed by Big Tech to allow nigh unlimited foreigners to come in and take white collar gigs from We the People.

And DC wants to get back to being bribed by…everyone in the US except We the People – to return to shipping hundreds of millions of jobs out of the US.  Via DCs woefully awful globalist fake “free trade.”  To which DC has subjected us for decades. (more…)

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