Dear Supreme Court: Google Is the Biggest Thief This Side of Communist China

Seton Motley | Less Government |
With Google –
Things Are Rarely What They Seem

Google has become a nearly $1 trillion monster company – almost entirely by collecting our digital data…and selling advertisers access to it.

Google Sells the Future, Powered by Your Personal Data

Four Ways Google Is Destroying Privacy and Collecting Your Data

And quite often, Google collects your data – illegally.  And as you’ll see – Google getting caught…never stops Google.

Google Is Fined Under Europe’s Data Privacy Law (January 2019)

Did Google stop?  Heavens no.

EU to Investigate Google Over Data Collection Practices (December 2019)

Are your children safe?  Heavens no. (more…)

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Seton Motley | Less Government |

Four Horrible Supreme Court Rulings: Egregious Examples of Awful Judicial Activism

Last week we penned: Judicial Restraint: The Courts Must Reverse Previous Rulings When They’re Anti-Constitution: “Judicial activism is when judges and Justices issue rulings diametrically opposed to the Constitution and existing law – because they’d prefer their Leftist ideology be imposed instead. “These judges and Justices aren’t interpreting law – they’re writing law.  They should […]