Google’s Biggest US Employee Tally Is Probably Its Lawyers

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Now Hiring…in Communist China

One of the VERY many downsides of Big Tech taking over this country?  The very few employees they hire.

Obviously retail overlord Amazon is an exception.  They have to hire some US employees to delver all the Communist Chinese products they sell.

But in conjunction with government officials, their Big Tech cronyism and their China Virus lockdowns – Amazon is well on the way to murdering every US retailer except them.

But most Big Tech companies – like Google, Facebook and Twitter – are mostly a bunch of computer servers.  With a few hyper-compensated hyper-Leftist partisan executives.  And some computer programmers to keep the servers up and running – and getting ever better at consuming our minds and existences.

And Big Tech doesn’t even want to hire US citizens for those few programming gigs.  So they instead hire lawyers to get even more Big Government cronyism out of the government officials they own. (more…)

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