One Down – But There’s Another George Soros-Tom Steyer Republican in Ohio 15

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The Destructive Duo

Ohio’s 15th Congressional district is overwhelmingly gerrymandered to the Republicans’ advantage.  So the general election is irrelevant.  The GOP primary is all that matters.  For the looming special election to fill the currently empty seat – that means August 3rd.

Since Democrats can’t win as Democrats – some have decided to run as Republicans.  Yes some.  As in more than one.

We pointed out one about a month ago.

George Soros, Tom Steyer and Their Fellow Radicals Invade a House Republican Primary:

“Soros and Steyer are enviro-mental.  They fund LOTS of highly destructive and insane environmental things.  Like funding fake conservatives pretending to be Republicans so as to advance their highly destructive and insane environmental things.

“And now we’ve arrived at our harmonic convergence moment.  Brian Stewart is a Soros-Steyer Republican.”

How is Stewart a Soros-Steyer Republican?  Follow the money…. (more…)

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