The Left’s Policies Are Awful – So They Shakedown Banks to Get Them Imposed

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Indeed They Can

The Left’s panoply of policy proposals – is terrible.  And has been for decades.

It’s why they can not – and do not – run for office on them anymore.  The Democrat Party’s entire agenda at the moment is:

“Orange Man Bad.”

The Democrat Party’s agenda for decades has been:

“Republicans Bad.”

(With, of course, monstrous assistance from Big Media.)

Because the Democrat-Left contingent’s policies are so terrible – it has spent decades looking for ways to impose their insanities…without having to ask We the People for permission. (more…)

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Hot Java: Google Yet Again Caught Stealing Other Peoples’ Stuff

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Private Sector Internet: Delivering Greatness – Of Which Government Can’t Even Conceive

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