Hyper-Partisan NY AG Demonstrates the Stupidity of Bureaucracy Comment Periods

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Not a Fan of Non-Leftists

All federal agencies and their unelected bureaucrats engage in power grabs.

Prior to doing so, many engage in a Public Comment period.  Where the agencies pretend to care about what We the People think about the power grabs which they are about to execute.

Of course, most of us do not pay any attention at all to the very many obscure and unknown agencies.  The unelected bureaucrats know this.  And take maximum advantage.

The Comment Periods are nigh entirely Democracy Theater.

The bureaucrats quietly announce and then conduct them.  Most receive no attention at all.  They sink noiselessly into the Swamp – leaving no trace.

Should any one of them garner any attention at all – the results are used by the unelected bureaucrats and their Leftist allies in a “Heads We Win – Tails You Lose” fashion.  They’re either heralded – or ignored.  Depending upon whether or not they favor the power grabs.

And then – after all the Democracy Theater – the unelected bureaucrats engage in their power grabs.  Just as they were all along going to do. (more…)

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