Thieving Big Tech Teams Up Against Routine Big Tech Outlier Oracle

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And Your Intellectual Property

There are a few things we know about the massive Big Tech companies.

Big Tech companies – are massively big.

Here are but a few of the top line names – and their massively big numbers:

Big Tech companies – are mostly massively Left:

  • Big Tech companies almost all overwhelmingly support Democrats and Leftist causes – with huge money and hefty public support.
  • Big Tech social media platforms routinely and systematically de-platform conservatives.
  • Big Tech employees routinely unite and campaign against their managements to push the companies ever-Leftward – and managements routinely capitulate.
  • Non-Left heretics discovered working for Big Tech companies – suddenly no longer work for Big Tech companies.

And Big Tech companies – LOVE the theft of Intellectual Property (IP).  (Unless, of course, it’s theirs.) (more…)

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