Net Neutrality vs Network Slicing: The Left Looks to Murder 5G in the Crib

Seton Motley | Less Government | LessGovernment.org
Unless…Net Neutrality

Why do we keep discussing the titanically stupid policy that is Net Neutrality?  Because the Left keeps discussing it.

Biden’s Call to Restore Net Neutrality

Why the Crazy ‘Net Neutrality’ Demands From the Left

As all things Internet become increasingly wireless – the Left looks to smother wireless before it gets too out of their control.

Fifth Generation wireless – 5G – is a quantum leap forward.  A MUCH larger leap than all the leaps from 1G to 4G combined.  Speeds will increase by a factor of ten – or twenty.  For starters.

5G opens up HUGE new possibilities for freedom of movement, information and communication.  What that means to the Left?  It MUST be controlled – by them.  So – Net Neutrality.

So we get an avalanche of headlines warning of 5G “threatening” Net Neutrality.  Their hope is your takeaway will be – 5G must be subserviated to Net Neutrality.  Even if it kills 5G.    (more…)

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