Would DC Republicans Please Stop Voting for DC Democrats’ Socialism?

Seton Motley | Less Government |
When Republicans Help Democrats Pass Socialism

DC Republicans are counting on Democrat Socialist insanity – and inertia – to deliver them excellent 2022 election results.  That the (alleged) Two Party System leaves the GOP as the only non-insane entity – so they’ll get the votes come next November.

But DC Republicans keep screwing up.  The key to the plan is differentiation.  You must not join with the DC Democrats and their Socialist insanity.  If you keep making it look like the Two Party System is actually a Uni-Party Cabal – you undermine the “We’re Not Them” strategy.

We’re having a bit of an inflation problem.  Caused in large part by the government printing trillions of dollars – so that it can then spend them.

Democrats are trying to sell their multi-trillion-dollar Build Back (Never) Better spend-a-palooza – as an antidote to inflation.  Which is like saying the solution to a gasoline fire – is more gasoline. (more…)

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