Let’s Not Shoot at Russians – Let’s Tariff Their Petroleum (and Everything Else)

Seton Motley | Less Government |
A Border About Which DC Actually Cares

We have literally zero national interest in the border skirmish between Russia and Ukraine.

As absorbed as DC seems to be with that remote, nothingness tiff – the only purpose it can actually serve is as a visual aide for a border DC should be defending:

“Hey DC: Let’s pretend Mexico is Russia and we’re Ukraine.”

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should have ended five minutes after the Soviet Union did.  Since the entire point of NATO was to protect Europe from the Soviet Union.

But this is government – where nothing ever ends.  Had Cro-Magnon Man’s prehistoric governments started a Saber-Tooth Tiger Treaty Organization – the US would still be over-funding it.

And we LOVE committing ourselves to wars over remote, nothingness tiffs.  There are 194 countries on the planet.  We are by various treaties obligated to go to war in defense of 67 of them(more…)

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