Anti-Equity: If They’re Cheating – It Matters Not How Well You Do Things

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Anti-Equity and Unfair: Farm Edition

You’re a high school track-and-field athlete.  You work and work and WORK to master your craft.  You hone your skills and nigh-perfect your technique.

Your dedication and hard work pay off.  You start winning races.  In fact, you dominate the sport.

Then a new person transfers into your district.  They too run track.  But they don’t do it clean.  They are doing massive amounts of PEDs – Performance Enhancing Drugs.

No matter how hard you work, no matter how perfect your form – you can’t beat the cheater.

This, of course, isn’t fair.  It is anti-equity.

This is exactly how it has been in global trade for decades.  Freer market countries have sent their producers to compete globally – against PED-pumping countries benefiting from all the advantages their cheating delivers. (more…)

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