Big Tech Data Monsters Seek Data Collection Cronyism from Government

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Big Tech – The Biggest Data Hogs

In politics and policy, as in all things – size matters.

Small numbers – are smaller than big numbers.

To wit: Fake Indian and Democrat Senator/presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren – just received an endorsement for her effort to garner a promotion.

Warren Campaign Wins the Endorsement of Black Womxn For:

“On Thursday, she snagged an endorsement from a group of 10 black women and gender-nonconforming activists.”

To which Warren responded – via Twitter, natch: (more…)

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Importing Government Subsidies: The Worst of Fake ‘Free Trade’

We’ve been talking since at least 2013 about how un-free and un-fair our global trade has been. Global trade has been an anti-US mess – for decades. The planet has been massively ripping us off – in myriad ways.  Which has done massive damage to our domestic economy – in myriad ways. Today’s Free Trade […]

Seton Motley | Less Government |

Dog Memes, Fake News, Political Ads and Big Tech: Who Watches the Watchers?

I always and forever want more information – not less. The more information I have – the better will be the decisions I make. Lies – are information.  They are bad information – but they are information nonetheless.  And the lies tell me much about the liars – and thereby provide me even more information. […]