A Month in the Life of Globalists’ Fake ‘Free’ Trade

There are a bunch of very good reasons why the globalist regime of fake “free” trade is finally beginning to collapse in a giant heap. The overarching theme being: Globalist fake “free” trade – was never, ever free. “Free” trade – is government-free trade.  “Free” – would be devoid of government impositions of tariffs, import […]

WTO Leader Job Opening: An Opportunity to Make Real Global Trade Improvements

As the Left sets America on fire – let us briefly turn our attention to possible positive outcomes internationally. The international entity for trade – is the World Trade Organization (WTO) . The chief bottle washer at the WTO – is called the Director-General. And the WTO is looking for a new Director-General. WTO Leader […]

Trump’s Brazil Trade Deal: Let’s Kill Their Massive Subsidies, Shall We?

President Donald Trump’s approach to trade and trade deals – is certainly revolutionary to the DC Deep State Swamp. To Real America – Trump Trade is simple common sense. Countries the world over have been royally screwing us for decades.  Trump said this was titanically stupid – and pledged to end it.  And in its […]

USMCA and Communist China: Fair Trade Should Finally Be the New Norm

Now-President Donald Trump has been remarkably consistent in his thoughts on global trade. Let us again flash all the way back to 1988.  Then mere global businessman Trump was on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”  On which he said: “I do get tired of seeing the country ripped off….I do get tired of seeing what’s happening….How […]

When Trade Cheats Go Really Big – As In Amazon Rainforest Big

Actual free trade – is actually free trade.  Free from import tariffs, import limits and government subsidies. It takes every participant reducing its market warping – for it to be actual progress toward actual free trade.  Everyone reducing their tariffs, limits and subsidies. If a country here or there unilaterally disarms – they are committing […]

Importing Government Subsidies: The Worst of Fake ‘Free Trade’

We’ve been talking since at least 2013 about how un-free and un-fair our global trade has been. Global trade has been an anti-US mess – for decades. The planet has been massively ripping us off – in myriad ways.  Which has done massive damage to our domestic economy – in myriad ways. Today’s Free Trade […]

The NBA, South Park and Communist China: The Very High Price of Fake ‘Free Trade’

Behold the 21st Century’s diet version of an “international incident”: Could a Tweet Sink the (National Basketball Association) NBA’s Business Relationships in China? It’s Complicated: “(A) single tweet from a general manager supporting protesters in Hong Kong could threaten that relationship and affect the way the public here and abroad views the league’s intentions on […]