Biden’s ‘Build Back Never’: His Endless Government Assaults Will Make Building America Impossible

Seton Motley | Less Government |
Seton Motley | Less Government |
False, Indeed

Dementia-addled Joe Biden occasionally realizes he’s running for President of the United States.

In fact, Biden has backed his way into being the presumptive Democrat Party nominee.

When you run for elective office – you have to have a campaign slogan or two.  Because…well, just because.

The Biden campaign has settled upon at least one – “Build Back Better.”  I’m sure Biden has been repeatedly re-informed that this decision was made in his name.

It’s an interesting choice – because it (accidentally) reflects admissions of some realities…which Democrats are usually loathe to do.

“Build Back” – means Democrats admit incumbent President Donald Trump had already successfully built back America.  From the ruins left him by the Barack Obama Administration – for which Biden served as Vice President.

And it implies Democrats admit Trump can and will build back America again – once we stop the China Virus mass stupidity.

“Better” – of course means Biden claims he will do the build back better than Trump.

But to most Americans, the “Build Back” Trump built the first time – was pretty great.

Record jobs numbers.  Record low unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics.  A repeatedly-record-breaking stock market.  Increased Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Dramatically increased consumer confidence.  We became energy independent – and a net energy exporter.

Nigh everything was dramatically better than the America Obama – with Biden as Veep – had bequeathed Trump.

Then came the new flu.  And Democrats everywhere insisted we shutdown everything – and lockdown everyone.  (Unless you’re a Leftist – particularly if you’re rioting.  Then you can do whatever you want.)

Because of the flu – they claimed.  The real reason – was Democrats didn’t want to run for office in the teeth of the Trump economy.  So they manufactured a way to murder it.

So the question is: What will Biden do differently than Trump to “Build Back” – and is it “Better?”

And the answer is: Of course what Biden wants to do is MUCH worse.

Trump wants to rebuild America.  Biden wants to rebuild DC.

Trump built America – by undoing what Obama-Biden did to build DC.

Obama-Biden added millions of pages of regulations.  Trump has repealed millions of pages of regulations.  Biden wants to add them back…and then some.

Obama-Biden increased taxes.  Trump cut taxes.  Biden wants to increase them to Obama-Biden levels…and then some.

Trump delivered less DC – which created more America.

Biden wants to deliver more DC – which will destroy much of America.

A key component of Trump’s America restoration – was the restoration of our manufacturing sector.  Included therein was our food manufacturers – America’s farmers and their farms.

Obama-Biden – and DC for decades before – had done incredible damage to our manufacturing sector.  A lot of Trump’s DC decrease – was intended to un-strangle our manufacturers.

And…it worked like a charm.  And has continued to work – even through our China Virus FREAK OUT!!!

US Manufacturing Improves in July 2020:

“U.S. manufacturing showed further improvement in July with a key gauge of activity rising further into expansion territory.”

Trump had farmers in mind from the moment he took office.

Trump Executive Order Promises to Slash Farm Regulations:

“‘Our farmers deserve a government that serves their interest and empowers them to do the hard work that they love to do so much,’ said President Trump….”

And he’s kept that promise.

I’m From a Family of Farmers. Here’s What Trump Has Done for Our Industry:

“Agriculture is a very important industry, and the changes that Trump has made have helped ease the burden of too much regulation on our farmers….

“During President Barack Obama’s tenure, the so-called ‘Waters of the United States’ rule had been strictly defined to apply to “navigable waterways” but interpreted to mean that even ditches or potholes with water in them could be regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. This was a huge overreach by the federal government.

“Thankfully, Trump signed an executive order to rescind the Waters of the United States rule and give farmers back more power over their own property….

“As Trump continues to roll back unnecessary regulations from the Obama administration, there is one more that should be recognized.

“The EPA under Obama banned a commonly used insecticide that had been approved by its own science advisory panel. That insecticide, chlorpyrifos, is the most commonly used insecticide by agriculture, and a ban would significantly affect the industry.

“Thankfully, Trump’s EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, lifted the ban as they continue to ensure that the product is safe for use as an insecticide.

“This is another major win for agriculture and for rural America, and it deserves to be celebrated….

“Trump has proven…that he’s listening to farmers and understands the burdens of regulation.”

The Biden campaign has admitted that Trump’s emphasis on America First manufacturing and farming is a great idea – by totally ripping it off.

This is from Biden’s webpage – after they lifted it from Trump’s campaigns and entire first term:

“Mobilize American manufacturing and innovation to ensure that the future is made in America, and in all of America. We’ve seen the importance of bringing home critical supply chains so that we aren’t dependent on other countries in future crises.

“But Biden believes we can’t stop there — he is releasing a plan today to build a strong industrial base and small-business-led supply chains to retain and create millions of good-paying union jobs in manufacturing and technology across the country.”

How very Trump-sounding of Biden.

Except Biden’s plan to dramatically build DC – will make what he’s ripped off and is promising here impossible.

Biden’s Record-Setting Tax Increases Will Take Your Money – And Your Job

Joe Biden Unveils His $2 Trillion AOC-Fueled Green New Deal

The Green New Deal – is Waters of the US and insecticide bans…times $2 trillion.

Joe Biden & Al Gore Gleefully Promote Ban on Gas-Powered Cars:

“They’re gonna make it illegal to sell internal combustion engines within ten years.”

I’m sure farmers will love driving their electric tractors – for an hour.  After which they’ll have to charge them – for twelve.

Biden is promising just the sort of DC-building massive overregulation – that destroyed US manufacturing and much of the rest of the US.

Only more of it than ever before.

A far more accurate Biden campaign slogan is – “Build Back Never.”

Because that’s what Biden’s DC-expanding plans will ensure.

This first appeared in Red State.