The Obamacare Health Insurance Tax: End it – Don’t Again Extend It

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Seton Motley | Less Government |

Ex-President Bill Clinton is famous for at least three things.  His terrific treatment of women, his difficulty with the definition of very simple words – and his otherwise fluidity with the language when making up things…or pushing his pedestrian Leftism. Clinton is of course a huge fan of racism – oops, I mean affirmative action.  […]

The Post Office: Doing All the Wrong Things in All the Wrong Ways

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Government is awful at doing…just about everything. In no small part because of the rigid, unyielding dictates of human nature. Government, of course, being populated by humans – is not immune to these dictates. Because of government’s susceptibility – there is the Yellow Pages Rule. “What’s ‘Yellow Pages?’” I hear the Millennials ask. Fair enough: […]