Government Schools: Intentionally, We Don’t Understand Math or English

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Seton Motley | Less Government |

Decades of government schools (kindergarten through grade 12) – have poisoned America’s intellectual well. An utterly pathetic school system which produces far too many people who can’t read the diplomas they’re handed – but can all roll a condom on a banana. College IS for Dummies to be sure – a festering cesspool of totalitarian […]

Because Congress Has Accomplished So Much: A Mixed Martial Arts Hearing

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump ran for two years on several key legislative components. The big three were Obamacare repeal, tax-cuts-and-code-reform and a monstrous, massive infrastructure bill. Full disclosure: I think the latter idea – is absolutely terrible. The states with the roads in them – should themselves take care of the roads in them. I-95 […]