Government: When You’re a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail

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Seton Motley | Less Government |

In this, the Age of Social Media, everything said – must be said curtly and quickly.  It is tough to be subtle in less than 280 characters. And sadly, the combination of government schools and social media has rendered most of us stupid – with infinitesimal attention spans. To grab majority attention – one must […]

Where Are the Defenders of Sanity? Against Savagery?

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Yesterday we wrote this: “I’m sure you think it.  And feel it. “We the People are currently awash in insanity.  Nothing makes sense.  No one is behaving rationally. “It is because the Left is currently running things.  They have been rapidly advancing – and almost no one is doing anything to stop them.” The Left’s […]

Defend Private Property – or Get Mob Rule

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The Marxist morons burning, looting and destroying large swaths of our nation – are a lot of really awful things. One thing on which they are absolutely awful?  Respect for private property. A flaw they share with many elected Democrats. These masked marauders can’t destroy private property – and/or steal it to establish myriad CHOP/CHAZ […]